Roxanne revealed where she and Alex stand after their explosive trial marriage on 'The Ultimatum' Se...

Roxanne Says Alex Has Been Watching Her IG Stories Post-Ultimatum



Spoiler alert: This post contains details from the first eight episodes of The Ultimatum Season 2.

There really hasn’t been a more dramatic 180-degree turn on The Ultimatum quite like Roxanne and Alex’s roller coaster trial marriage. For a while, it really looked like the two business-oriented marriage skeptics had actually found their perfect matches in one another. It even got to the point where there was a question of whether they might leave their significant others to be with each other. But that all changed in an instant, and instead of finding love, Roxanne and Alex ended things on terrible terms. But now, Roxanne is teasing that Alex may still be holding a candle for her.

When asked where she stands with Alex nowadays, Roxanne tells Elite Daily that she doesn’t really know, but she has noticed some sus behavior from him: “Alex be watching my stories all the time.”

The revelation is pretty surprising, considering how Roxanne and Alex parted ways on very bad terms. After Roxanne found out that Alex had told her boyfriend Antonio that she doesn’t respect him, she laid into her trial husband, accusing him of lying, overstepping, and being unfeeling. At the changeover ceremony, it was clear there was no love between the two, who were more than happy to go back to their real-life partners.


Roxanne says that the shift from gelling with Alex to disliking him was as sudden as it appeared, although she had noticed a few red flags prior to his comments to Antonio.

“When we were dating, Alex was my only choice,” Roxanne says. “From the first date, I was really into Alex. He was checking all the boxes. Living together, I think in my gut I was feeling some weird things about him. But as a person, you kind of put them aside in your head and you don't vocalize them or think about them too much. That night, the guys’ night, is kind of when everything exploded. Everything I had been thinking and festering on came out about him. But yeah, it’s true that at the beginning we were clicking. Then towards the end, it just got freaking weird.”