Vanessa and Lexi from 'The Ultimatum' became enemies after a disastrous date.

The Ultimatum Stars Vanessa & Lexi Reveal The Moment They Became Enemies

Vanessa is still confused by the turn, but Lexi isn't.


The Ultimatum is supposed to be about love, but the first few episodes of the Queer Love season revolved around a tense hatred. Vanessa Papa and Lexi Goldberg seemed to be hitting it off once they started going out, but things took a turn on their final date. The shift from almost-lovers to sworn enemies was so fast, viewers were left wondering exactly what triggered it. Thankfully, Lexi and Vanessa are breaking down what really caused their Ultimatum fight by telling the full story to Elite Daily.

It all went down in Episode 2, when Lexi suddenly turned on Vanessa during their date on a park bench. Vanessa doubled-down on her disinterest in marriage, but what really set Lexi off was her certainty that her partner Xander would not find anyone else to love in the process. To Lexi, this was proof that Vanessa was not taking The Ultimatum seriously. Lexi explains that this tipping point came after she was already feeling that she was more invested in the experiment than Vanessa was.

“There was a point when we went on that last date where she just stopped trying, and it became very clear to me that this process was maybe a little more superficial than I was giving it value for,” Lexi tells Elite Daily. “I think what struck a nerve for me is how much effort I was putting in, how much risk there was between me and the person that I came into this experience with, and feeling like I was giving so much and that I wasn't getting that back.”


Vanessa, on the other hand, is still confused by the argument. She admits that she is still in the dark about what she did to set Lexi off. “Truly, I know this might sound a little crazy, but I never understood what happened in that discussion with Lexi,” Vanessa says. “She just started talking to me like I had really offended her and I truly did not know what I did. That was chaos to me. I still don't have any clarity on really what set her off.”

Additional reporting by Rachel Chapman.