Vanessa Papa brought all the drama to 'The Ultimatum: Queer Love.'

Vanessa From The Ultimatum Is An Agent Of Pansexual Chaos

The drama is here!


There are messy dating shows, and then there’s The Ultimatum. Netflix’s wild spouse-swapping was already wild enough with straight couples, but Season 2 turned up the envious antics so much more by mix-and-matching five unstable lesbian couples. It was always going to be chaos, but nobody could have predicted how much drama would come from one person: Vanessa Papa. Here’s everything to know about the source of all the messiness on The Ultimatum: Queer Love.

Spoiler alert: This post discusses events in the first four episodes of The Ultimatum: Queer Love. Right when Vanessa arrived with her partner Xander, it seemed clear that she was ready to get her flirt on with the other women. But things took a turn when her date with Lexi turned the potential lovers into enemies fast. After Vanessa admitted she didn’t believe Xander would find a partner besides herself in the experiment, Lexi called her out for not fully participating, claiming she used Xander as a back-up option.

To Vanessa, this sudden shift in Lexi made no sense. “I never understood what happened in that discussion with Lexi. She threw me for a loop,” Vanessa tells Elite Daily. “She just started talking to me like I had really offended her. It was a very chaotic conversation and I still don't have any clarity on really what set her off.”

As the animosity grew, contestants began accusing Vanessa of coming on the show for fame, rather than love. Vanessa feels that was a bit hypocritical. “I think that everyone who chooses to go on TV is choosing to be on TV. So I think that me and all of my castmates had the same reason,” Vanessa says. “I became the scapegoat, and yes I definitely have some acting in my past, but it's student films and stuff. I was called out for having an Instagram influencer profile. I think when you're in such a chaotic time, it's nice to have this one scapegoat where everyone's like, ‘I'm going to pick on her.’ I think it kind of relieved people of their own stresses because they had someone to focus on.”

Outside of the show, Vanessa’s life isn’t as chaotic. Here’s what to know about the new reality star.

The Ultimatum’s Vanessa Papa’s Instagram

Vanessa uses her Instagram to chronicle her life adventures, which include several trips, friends, and glasses of wine.

The Ultimatum’s Vanessa Papa’s Age

Vanessa’s age is listed as 30 while filming The Ultimatum.

The Ultimatum’s Vanessa Papa’s Real Job

A 2019 Photobook Magazine profile is all about Vanessa’s career as a sustainable influencer. She also revealed she taught English as a second language courses online at the time. Additionally, she’s occasionally worked as an actor, as her IMDb profile shows.

Additional reporting by Rachel Chapman.