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These Hilarious Red Flag Memes Call Out Unpopular Opinions

When they say they don’t like Grey’s Anatomy, is it real?

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Twitter’s latest meme trend is all about “red flag” warnings — and TBH, it’s the comic relief you didn’t know you needed. Instead of the flag’s meaning as a traditional warning of danger, the memes challenge unpopular opinions that they consider to be red flags, like if someone hates pineapple on pizza or doesn’t use Twitter. You’ve probably already got some favorite tweets dotted with red flag emojis, but there are so many good ones to be seen. Here are 26 of the best red flag memes that hilariously call out opinions some people think just don’t make sense.

ICYMI, the red flag meme trend began heating up Twitter in early October 2021, and it plays on the common idiom “to raise a red flag.” Straying from any serious meanings, the Twitter meme is all about drawing attention to everyday likes and dislikes. For example, if you’re a Taylor Swift stan and someone says they don’t like her that much, you might experience a moment of shock and mentally raise a “red flag” in your mind.

People on Twitter took the concept and ran with it, yielding some hilarious results. Including everything from song lyric jokes to Grey’s Anatomy fandom, there are plenty of relatable tweets that’ll have you in 100% agreement. Without further delay, check out some of the hilarious memes below.

You grabbed a Starbucks for him, but he doesn’t immediately pay you back that $5 bill:

It’s premium ice cream, people:

Tell me which cat hurt you:

Ariana Grande slander will not be tolerated:

“Car quarter” people know what’s up here:

I need a bucket as big as my head for anything longer than 30 minutes:

TBH, there is no such thing as human-only furniture:

If you’re getting your chess game on like Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit, but your opponent wants to take back their last move:

Ain’t no hating on Taylor Swift’s sixth album here:

When they don’t even know what Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is:

When they post the best pic on their grid, but they don’t tag you for your skills:

It’s LeBron against the world for basketball comedy commenter and YouTuber MaxIsNicee:

Phones do more than just Snap:

We need to see the money, honey:

“Shut up. Shut up. Shut upppppppp”:

When someone isn’t on Twitter, do they even exist:

Who is playing all your music for you:

Taylor Swift stans would never:

Please don’t write a novel in a text. K. Thx. Byeeee:

The only thing I’m related to is my paycheck:

No email has ever found anyone well, ever:

ARMYs won’t stand for this:

Grammar is fun, y’all:

Ain’t no shame in the makeup game:

I don’t know what else I’d do with my mornings:

If that wasn’t enough of calling out “bad” opinions, you can scroll through all the red flags (there are a lot!) people are warning about on Twitter. Be warned: There are apparently people out there who aren’t in the Bey Hive:

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