'Riverdale's Season 5, Episode 14 promo may include a 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' reference.

Riverdale's New Promo Teases A Possible Sabrina Connection

Basically, everyone has lost it at this point.

The CW

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina may have ended, but its dark magic might still live on in Riverdale. The two shows, which are each based on Archie Comics characters, have had small crossover moments in the past, but they were never more than a knowing reference or a quick cameo. There was actually a planned crossover event in the works, but sadly, that vanished when CAOS was abruptly canceled. However, the Riverdale Season 5, Episode 14 promo includes a location that will look very familiar to Sabrina fans, and a lot of twisted imagery.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers through Riverdale Season 5, Episode 13. The teaser trailer for Episode 14, titled “The Night Gallery,” gives a glimpse at what’s next for Jughead, Archie, and Betty after each of their recent traumatic events. As a reminder, Jughead hitched a dangerous ride back to New York after a psychedelic trip made him realize he was repressing an important memory from his time there. Thus, the new episode will dive into Jughead’s life in NYC during the seven-year time jump, as the promo shows the troubled author telling his life story in what appears to be an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

As for Betty, the clip seems to suggest Dark Betty will be making her torture-loving return — minus the black wig. After capturing the trucker who is likely behind all the missing girls (I mean, he pull a chainsaw on her), Betty is shown preparing to torture her new victim in the teaser.

It looks like Archie’s story will be the trippiest of all, though. The teaser shows Archie having visions of dead soldiers while exploring a mine, before he worriedly exclaims, “Someone’s messing with me! Someone’s messing with my head!” This scene probably seems incredibly familiar to CAOS fans, since the Greendale Mines were a big part of that show and whenever people went down there, it always meant magical mayhem. Could Archie be the next victim of the mines that house the Gates of Hell?


While a trip to the Greendale Mines would be a fun reference for Sabrina fans, it doesn’t sound like that’s where Archie actually is. The synopsis for Episode 14 reveals Archie will likely be digging under Cheryl’s maple groves to help her find the valuable palladium buried there before Hiram can get his hands on it:

Cheryl enlists the help of Archie, Kevin, Fangs, and Reggie after she learns there is palladium underneath her maple groves. Meanwhile, Betty and Alice confront a trucker who may have been involved in Polly's disappearance. Elsewhere, Jughead and Archie each confront events from their past.

Still, it looks like something weird is definitely going on with Archie, and since Riverdale does technically exist within the same universe as CAOS (although some theories have contested that), you can never rule out the possibility of the supernatural. Check out the teaser trailer for yourself below.

Riverdale Season 5, Episode 14 will air on The CW on Wednesday, Sept. 1, at 8 p.m. ET.