'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' will resolve its finale cliffhanger in new comic books called 'The ...

A New CAOS Project Is Coming Soon To Resolve That Agonizing Cliffhanger

Plus, the show's creator revealed a wild Riverdale twist he had planned for Part 5.


If you’re still mad about Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s sudden cliffhanger ending, you’re not alone. The supernatural series was abruptly canceled by Netflix just a few months ahead of its final season airing, resulting in a shockingly bleak ending that left many fans feeling like Sabrina’s story was unresolved. But now, CAOS fans will finally get to see what happens next, because showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s upcoming The Occult World of Sabrina comic will pick up right after that CAOS finale cliffhanger.

Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series finale. In an interview with Deadline, Aguirre-Sacasa revealed his original plans for a fifth part of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will come to life in his upcoming comic book series following Netflix’s cancellation. In the show’s finale episode, Sabrina sacrificed herself to save the world, ending up in the show’s version of the afterlife, called the sweet hereafter. The death causes all of Sabrina’s friends and family to become enraged, disillusioned, and depressed, even leading Nick to kill himself and join Sabrina in the afterlife. It... wasn’t exactly the ending fans were expecting.

Thankfully, the story doesn’t end there. Aguirre-Sacasa’s upcoming The Occult World of Sabrina comic will pick up shortly after Sabrina’s death, kicking off with an arc titled, “World Without Sabrina” that begins with a scene the showrunner had to cut from the Netflix series finale. “What plays out is that Sabrina’s Aunt Zelda, who had had dealings with the voodoo god of death, Baron Samedi, shakes a bag of bones and he appears to her,” Aguirre-Sacasa said. “He says, ‘I didn’t think you’d be contacting me so soon.’ And Zelda says, ‘There’s been a terrible mistake. It seems that my niece Sabrina is dead and we need to bring her back to life.’”

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Aguirre-Sacasa revealed Netflix asked him to cut this scene from the finale as to not provide a false sense of hope that the show would return. However, the showrunner is confident that CAOS will return to screens in due time. “Sabrina is going to eventually come back. We’re going to find a way to continue with Kiernan,” Aguirre-Sacasa said. “There’s a hold on the character now, I think for two years, and that window has already started. My plans are to work on the comics and build up that library with the hopes that one day we can do a stand-alone movie or hopefully bring back the series.”

And yes, a CAOS return means the long-awaited Riverdale crossover could still be on the table. Aguirre-Sacasa, who also serves as the showrunner for CAOS’ sister series, Riverdale, went into more details about the “Witch War” crossover event he was planning for CAOS Part 5 ahead of its cancellation. A fun new detail about the shelved special is that all of the main Riverdale characters would have gotten magical powers.

“[I] pitched a possible Part 5 to Netflix which would’ve produced Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and all the Riverdale characters as witches,” Aguirre-Sacasa said. “And there would’ve been a witch war between the witches in Greendale versus all of these witches and warlocks in Riverdale. Netflix was excited about that idea but due to the pandemic, it didn’t feel possible.”

Hopefully fans will get to see this crossover come to fruition at some point down the line, but for now, CAOS devotees can look forward to that big cliffhanger finally being resolved when The Occult World of Sabrina hits shelves later this year.