'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Part 4 includes multiple 'Riverdale' references.

These 6 'Riverdale' Easter Eggs In 'Sabrina' Part 4 Are Crossover Magic


Ever since Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was first announced, fans have been hungry for a true crossover between Riverdale and its witchy sister series. There have been a bunch of winks and references in both shows, but unfortunately, Sabrina reached its end without ever welcoming Archie, Betty, Veronica, or Jughead into the supernatural drama. But Part 4 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina did include plenty of Riverdale easter eggs that superfans will love.

While a full-on crossover never happened, Sabrina snuck nods to Riverdale in a ton of moments throughout its run. In addition to posters and comic books calling out both shows in the background, the two series also love to swap actors: Riverdale's Ben Button delivered a pizza to Madam Satan, and Penelope Blossom actor Nathalie Boltt also appeared as a glamour used by Prudence, while Baxter High's own Billy Marlin made a quick cameo on Riverdale. Sabrina even made a trip to Riverdale in Part 3, uncovering the Blossom family's ancestral connection to witchcraft.

The final season of CAOS kept those Riverdale references coming with plenty of callouts and cameos. Here they are:

Spoiler alert: This post contains mild spoilers from throughout Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 4.

1. Playing It Safe

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It's no secret the teens at Riverdale High are a particularly horny bunch — so much so that the school apparently installed condom machines in the bathrooms. Roz dropped this little tidbit of info while she was decrying Baxter High's lack of sex education resources.

2. Not-So-Sweetwater River

The third Eldritch Terror, The Weird, arrives in Greendale via the body of a corpse drowned in Sweetwater River, the waterway that marks the boundary between Greendale and Riverdale. Of course, Riverdale started off being all about a body that was drowned in Sweetwater River, as everyone was trying to get to the bottom of Jason Blossom's death. What's up with all the dead bodies in that river?!

3. New Transfer Student

Sabrina quickly hit it off with the new kid at Baxter High, Lucas Hunt, but things got really weird, really quickly. After Lucas was thoroughly spooked by Sabrina being possessed by The Weird, he transferred to Riverdale High. Hmm, does that mean he could possibly show up in Season 5 of Riverdale?

4. Endgame

Riverdale has thrown around the term "endgame" so much that it has become a joke among fans of the show, but Sabrina never really embraced its sister show's signature word until its final season. Halfway through Part 4, an episode ends with Nick dramatically declaring he and Sabrina are endgame. The line is given so much emphasis that it's clearly a reference to Riverdale's lingo.

5. A Stonewall Invasion

One of the most prominent crossover moments between the two shows came in Episode 6, when Stonewall Prep's very own Bret Weston Wallis and Donna Sweett popped up. Well, at least the actors who play those characters — Sean Depner and Sarah Desjardins — appeared. Harvey referred to Depner's character as Tobey instead of Bret, so it seemed they were playing different characters from their Riverdale roles. Despite the name changes, the two were in a band called the Stoned Philosophers, which is a clear joke about their Stonewall Prep identities on Riverdale.

6. The Midnight Club Rocks Again

After the undead punk band Satanic Panic challenged the Fright Club to a battle of the bands, Harvey discovered his dad used to be in the band back in the day before a big battle of the bands that was supposed to make them famous. In that flashback, Lucifer is shown holding up a poster advertising Satanic Panic's opponent was going to be none other than the Fred Heads. In case you forgot, the Fred Heads was the band fronted by Fred Andrews that he formed with his fellow Midnight Club members Alice Cooper, Hermione Lodge, F.P. Jones, and Sierra McCoy.

Fans may not have gotten the full crossover moment they wanted before Sabrina ended, but at least Part 4 gave everyone plenty of fun Riverdale references in its farewell season.

Part 4 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is streaming on Netflix now.