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Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham's rumored relationship timeline involves a lot of unexpected moments.

Phoebe Bridgers Is Using Her Grammys To Get Back At BF Bo Burnham

This is so funny.

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For over two years, Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham have kept their rumored relationship out of the spotlight, but they started to change things up towards the end of 2023 and into 2024. When Bridgers was the musical guest on SNL’s Nov. 11 episode along with her band Boygenius, she had some extra support with Burnham in attendance. The two were spotted holding hands as they headed to the after-party together — and the once again shined a light on their romance at the 2024 Grammys.

These two outings are some of the few times Bridgers and Burnham have publicly stepped out together ever since dating rumors between the two first arose back in December 2022. The rumored couple has yet to officially comment on the relationship (though Bridgers has alluded to sharing a bed with Burnham), but ever since they were caught making out at a Taylor Swift concert over the summer, it definitely seems like they’re more than just close friends.

While Bridgers and Burnham have shared a few cute moments with the public, the full timeline of their rumored relationship does get kind of messy. From sudden breakups to leaked makeout sessions, here’s how Bridgers and Burnham’s private ‘ship became a social media fascination, one small clue at a time.

November - December 2022: Phoebe & Paul Mescal Reportedly Broke Up

It’s not entirely clear when things ended between Bridgers and her boyfriend of two years, Paul Mescal, but the belief is they split sometime in late November or early December. The main proof being Bridgers’ SZA collab “Ghost in the Machine,” in which she details an emotional breakup in a hotel lobby. The song released on Dec. 9, and Bridgers revealed she wrote the lyrics just days earlier.

Mescal later alluded to the breakup, referring to the second half of 2022 as “an intense time personally.”

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Dec. 12, 2022: Phoebe & Bo Posed For A Pic

Shortly after the Mescal breakup rumors, Bridgers starting hanging out with Burnham. On Dec. 12, The 1975 frontman Matty Healy posted a photo of Bridgers kissing him, with Burnham’s arms wrapped around them both.

Dec. 19, 2022: Phoebe Attended Bo’s Comedy Show

Days after that IG photo, Bridgers was spotted attending the comedy show KATE in New York City, which Burnham directed. Per Jezebel’s firsthand report, Burnham had to cancel the show that night due to technical difficulties, and after he made the announcement, he left the stage to join Bridgers in the audience.

Jan. 13, 2023: They Were Spotted At An Airport

The dating rumors really started taking off at the start of 2023, when the two were spotted boarding a flight together at Los Angeles Airport.

May 15, 2023: They Made Out At A Concert

Call it an accidental hard-launch. Over the summer, Bridgers and Burnham were caught kissing at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert in Philadelphia, where Bridgers served as an opener. They clearly never intended for the lip-lock to be seen, but unfortunately for them, it went viral because a celebrity accidentally shared it.

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In the background of Keith Urban’s TikTok from the concert, fans could clearly see Bridgers and Burnham kissing as Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman danced to “Style.”

Urban apologized to Bridgers a month later. “Phoebe, I'm so sorry,” he told Entertainment Tonight on June 11. “It felt very awkward. I felt bad. I was just digging on the concert! You never know what's gonna happen.”

Bridgers poked fun at the leaked clip when she dressed in drag for her June 26 Boygenius concert, revealing her drag alter-ego’s name was Queef Urban.

June 5, 2023: They Dressed Up At A Renaissance Fair

Everyone knows Bridgers loves a good costume, and she got Burnham in on the dress-up fun as well over the summer. A fan revealed on TikTok that she spotted the two at a local renaissance fair. Bridgers was decked out as a medieval princess, with Burnham as her loyal knight.

August 6, 2023: Phoebe Appeared To Soft-Launch Bo On IG

The rumored couple had been keeping their relationship off the grid, but Bridgers seemed to post her first pic of Burnham in early August. She shared a snap of herself sitting on a piano bench with her arm around the man next to her. Though the man’s face was obscured, it definitely looked like Burnham.

November 12, 2023: They Held Hands In Photos

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Bridgers and Burnham surprised fans by being the most public they’d ever been with their relationship after her SNL show. They held hands while walking to the SNL after-party together, a location that’s pretty infamously packed with paparazzi photographing celeb couples.

February 4, 2024: The Made The Grammys A Date Night

Though Bridgers and Burnham didn’t walk the Grammys red carpet together, they were seen sitting next to each other for the entirety of the ceremony. They were also caught holding hands at an after-party, and Bridgers shared a photo of Burnham with her Boygenius bandmate Julien Baker to her Instagram stories that night.

February 8, 2024: Phoebe Alluded To Sharing A Bed With Bo

After Bridgers and her Boygenius bandmates accrued four Grammys, the singer revealed her plans for where to put the hardware had something to do with Burnham. Bridgers told Vanity Fair that Burnham had a habit of taunting her with his Grammy, and now it’s her turn to get him back.

“[He] put his Grammy by my side of the bed to f*ck with me,” Bridgers said. “Now I kind of want to put four just crowding his bedside table. I think that’d be funny. I got way f*cking more.”


The jokey statement is one of the only times Bridgers or Burnham have mentioned their intimate lives together, as it revealed the two are indeed sharing a bed.

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