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Paramore Cut A Beloved Song From Their Eras Tour Setlist

Ain’t it fun?

Paramore is on the road again. Over a year after opening the first two nights of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in March 2023, the alt-rock group is back for a longer stint. Paramore recently joined Swift on the European leg of the tour, which will last from May 9 to August 20. Similar to Swift altering her own hours-long set, the band also made some notable tweaks to their setlist. (Warning: If you’re a Riot! stan, this change might sting a bit.)

Shortly after Paramore’s May 9 show in Paris, fans revealed their updated setlist — and this sweet interaction between members (and new couple) Hayley Williams and Taylor York — on social media. Here are the nine songs they’re performing now as Swift’s opener:

  • “Hard Times” (plus “Heart Of Glass”)
  • “Burning Down The House”
  • “Still Into You”
  • “Caught In The Middle”
  • “Brick By Boring Brick”
  • “The Only Exception”
  • “That’s What You Get”
  • “Ain’t It Fun”
  • “This Is Why”

While this roster has its highs, some fans immediately noticed a disappointing difference. The band removed three iconic tracks from their former set — “Decode,” “Rose-Colored Boy,” and “Misery Business.” Paramore replaced these songs with two new releases, such as their cover of Talking Heads’ “Burning Down The House” (which appeared on A24’s tribute album for the disbanded group) and their fresh take on Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass.”

For the last slot, they replaced After Laughter’s “Rose-Colored Boy” with “Caught In The Middle,” another hidden gem from the same album.


It’s a bit surprising to see them put their buzziest single “Misery Business” on the back burner. Then again, Williams has always had a polarizing relationship with that song, which has made and on-and-off appearance during their live shows for years. As for the rest of the setlist, it’s pretty solid; though, there’s so many other riveting hits in their discography that could’ve easily made the cut as well. That’s the stunning downfall of creating consistent bangers for most of your career, after all.

Paramore’s appearance on Swift’s tour comes after a month of breakup speculations. Luckily, the group is still a united front, and have showed hints that new music might be on the horizon. Now, that’s an announcement to patiently wait for — even if it takes a while.