Memes about Pete Davidson and Gisele Bündchen dating are hilarious.

Twitter’s Convinced Gisele & Pete Are Going To Date

Manifesting this now.

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You know what they say: When one relationship ends, Twitter starts shipping a new one. After several months of reported conflict, Page Six reported on Oct. 4 that Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady have hired divorce lawyers. Bündchen may be a single woman soon, but... is she ready to mingle yet? The internet certainly hopes so, and fans have already chosen the fashion model’s next love interest: Pete Davidson. I mean, the comedian already has a reputation for dating icons like Kate Beckinsale, Ariana Grande, and Kim Kardashian. It only makes sense that he would hit it off with Bündchen, too. Not convinced? Well, Twitter is. These memes about Bündchen and Davidson dating are everywhere.

Let’s be honest, Twitter tends to think the former Saturday Night Live star should date just about everyone. ICYMI, as soon as Davidson and Kardashian broke up in August, fans were already shipping him with Martha Stewart. That said, Twitter’s reaction to Bündchen and Brady’s breakup shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

Following reports of the Bündchen and Brady hiring divorce lawyers, Twitter was sold on the idea of Davidson and Bündchen dating, and they’re already waiting for the potential couple’s first outing. (An Italian restaurant in Staten Island, maybe?) Here are the best memes shipping Davidson and Bündchen’s future romance.

According to these tweets, Davidson was ready to date Bündchen, like, yesterday. And that’s not the only running joke on the platform. Twitter users also placed bets on how soon Davidson and Bündchen will be spotted together in public. The paparazzi definitely know to keep a close eye on the comedian at this point, so photos usually surface pretty quickly once a new Davidson romance is brewing.

Of course, Twitter also had to joke about Brady’s potential reaction to Bündchen and Davidson as a duo. IMO, these might be the best out of all the Pete-Gisele-Tom memes right now.

Well, if there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that Twitter will ship Davidson with just about anyone — even a famous supermodel who hasn’t even confirmed her divorce yet.