In a recent interview, Mandy Moore reflected on getting married at 24 to her first husband, Ryan Ada...

Mandy Moore Regrets Getting Married At “Very Young” Age Of 24

“It was obviously not the right situation.”

Mandy Moore has been open about her dating history, both the healthy relationships and the toxic ones. Recently, the singer-actor reflected on her turbulent romance with first husband, singer Ryan Adams, whom she married in 2009. She was 24 years old at the time of their marriage, and now, she’s sharing her thoughts on tying the knot at a young age.

On Feb. 6, Moore spoke about the former marriage on Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s podcast Dinner’s on Me. She revealed that she decided to marry Adams around the time her parents ended their 30-year marriage. “[My parents] had been together since they were 16. I was so heartbroken and I believed that I found myself in a relationship with somebody that I was like, ‘Oh, I can make a family with this person for this person,’” she said. “It was obviously not the right situation by any means.”

While Moore mentioned she was “too young” to step into that commitment, the timing of it made sense to her. At the time, the This Is Us star shared she wanted to “power down” with Adams after years of working on her career. “It seemed like a perfectly appropriate time to get married and focus on this very personal, quiet chapter in my life. And ultimately, it just left me in a really hollow, empty, isolated place,” she said.

She then reflected on the fall of their marriage, adding she “worked really hard” to make the relationship “feel comfortable.” However, the duo didn’t last. After six years of marriage, they split in 2015 and finalized their divorce a year later.

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While she didn’t find happiness with Adams, she seemingly found bliss with her current husband Taylor Goldsmith. After meeting in 2015, the couple got married in 2018 and later had two sons together. Now, her ideas about relationships have completely evolved.

“I think back to that chapter and it almost feels like it was someone else entirely that it happened to,” she said of her previous romance with Adams. “I’m in such a different place in my life now. It’s almost like, how did I ever find myself in that place where I allowed myself to be treated that way? I can’t even put myself in those shoes again, [but] I’m so grateful for that experience. I’m grateful for all it taught me and ultimately, it led me to finding this incredible partner.”

This isn’t the first time Moore has unveiled the troubling issues in her marriage to Adams. In 2019, the Real Life singer — alongside seven other women, including Phoebe Bridgers — accused him of emotional abuse and sexual misconduct in an exposé published in The New York Times. Shortly after the report was released, Moore voiced support for all the women involved on Instagram.

At the time, Adams’ lawyer denied all claims. Then, in August 2021, nearly two years after the allegations, Adams shared a statement to The Daily Mail seemingly apologizing for his actions.