Mandy Moore & Taylor Goldsmith's Astrological Compatibility Is So Hot

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Mandy Moore, aka everyone's favorite mom on This is Us, announced in September that she was taking on the new role of real-life mom in the cutest way ever. She and her husband of almost two years, Taylor Goldsmith, posted a series of photos together while she cradled her baby bump, captioned "Baby Boy Goldsmith coming early 2021 💙" The couple looks absolutely blissful in the photos, and that makes perfect sense when you consider Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith's astrological compatibility, which is about as hot and loving of a pairing there is.

Moore was born April 10, 1984, under the sign of Aries, and Goldsmith's birthday is Aug. 16, 1985, which makes him a Leo. When two fire signs fall in love, one thing you can count is that it's going to be a passionate and oh-so-fiery connection. They also share a real zest for life and are pretty fearless when taking big steps like, for instance, starting a family together. Here's what else we can divine about Moore and Goldsmith's relationship dynamic based on their astrological compatibility.

They have a warm and loving connection.

In matters of the heart, both Leo and Aries are all-in. They both jump in quickly and fearlessly if they feel like they have a connection with someone, and when that love deepens it's passionate and powerful. Leo has a generous heart and doesn’t hold back when it comes to affection but, at the same time, is confident enough to just let Aries be themselves without apology. In return, Aries lavishes Leo with praise and adoration, which Leo laps up happily. Both signs get exactly the kind of love and affection they crave, but also all the space they need to keep from feeling suffocated.

They have no trouble keeping the spark alive.

One area of the relationship that and Aries and Leo rarely have any issues with is keeping things spicy and exciting in the bedroom, as both signs have a healthy sex drive and attitude toward physical intimacy. Aries is passionate and loves to pursue their partner. Leo, on the other hand, loves to feel desired and so Aries wanting them so openly is a huge turn on. They also like to have fun and aren’t afraid to get a little silly, which makes their love both intense and fun.

Trust can sometimes be an issue, but it's nothing they can’t work through.

In most ways, Leo and Aries are about as compatible as could be, but they do struggle sometimes when it comes to trust. Leo loves attention, and they're so charming and magnetic they easily draw crowds of adoring fans. While Leo doesn't have any ill intent, this can sometimes bring out Aries' more possessive and jealous side. They may even seek to get even by flirting with others to see how Leo reacts. If not nipped in the bud, this can create an unhealthy cycle. Fortunately, Leo and Aries communicate well, so they can usually work through trust issues and set new boundaries with relative ease.

While all relationships have their ups, downs, and struggles, a connection like this makes it all worth it. So, if the stars are right, the future is burning brightly for Moore, Goldsmith, and their growing family.