Lana Condor reveals she would "never say never" to returning to Lara Jean in 'XO, Kitty.'

Lana Condor Would “Never Say Never” To Playing Lara Jean Again

Yes, please!

After starring as Lara Jean Covey in three movies, Lana Condor passed down the To All the Boys franchise to her on-screen sister Anna Cathcart. Though Condor would “never say never” to making a cameo in Netflix’s spinoff series, XO, Kitty, the 26-year-old believes Cathcart deserves the spotlight all on her own. “Anna’s got it,” Condor tells Elite Daily. “That’s her moment.”

In Season 1 of XO, Kitty, it’s confirmed that Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky are still together, despite going to separate colleges. It neatly ties a bow on the end of their story, so the audience can focus solely on Kitty’s new school and relationship drama — which there is a lot of.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Lara Jean can’t pop up once in awhile on XO, Kitty. While location is a bit tough with Lara Jean in New York and Kitty in South Korea, there could be a cute phone call scene. After all, Lara Jean owes Kitty one after the youngest Song Covey put in a lot of work to help her older sis find love. To return the favor, Lara Jean could provide Kitty with some much-needed advice on her current love square. But right now, Condor doesn’t have any plans to return.

Jenny Han/Instagram

That doesn’t mean she isn’t close with her former co-star. In fact, Condor, Cathcart, and Janel Parrish — who played older sister Margot in To All the Boys — recently had a mini reunion at the Unforgettable Gala in Los Angeles. The Moonshot star says it was amazing seeing her co-stars IRL again. “I talk to Janel and Anna, my sisters, all the time,” she says, comparing their nostalgic meetup to “seeing your best friends.”

The trio were also joined by TATB author Jenny Han, who has gone on to create The Summer I Turned Pretty series as well. Han has joked about a TATB and TSITP crossover on her Instagram, and Cathcart has said she’s “so here for it” if the Song Covey girls found themselves in Cousins Beach. If Lara Jean was to vacay with Belly, Condor says her advice for Lola Tung’s character would simply be to “have fun.”

Regarding Belly’s current love triangle drama, Condor would say, “Girl, you’re in the best position of your life.” Don’t ask her if she’s Team Jeremiah or Team Conrad, though. “I’m scared to pick a side,” Condor says. With the heated fan discourse on TikTok, it’s understandable that she wants to remain neutral and Team Belly all the way.

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Lara Jean showing up somewhere in the Jenny Han universe once more — whether it’s XO, Kitty or TSITP — is definitely an exciting possibility. So, while Condor may want Cathcart to have the spotlight, and is currently booked and busy with upcoming projects like romantic comedy Worth the Wait, so many fans would also love to “never say never” when it comes to seeing Lara Jean once more.