Lana Condor shares her skin care routine, self-care, and idea of wellness.

Lana Condor Is On A Wellness Journey That Includes Her 2 Dogs

The To All The Boys actor shares skin care secrets, plus her “secret magical sleep trick.”

Interview by Rachel Chapman
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Chill Sesh
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It’s been three years since the release of the last movie in Netflix’s To All the Boys franchise, but Lana Condor hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. As of this second, she has no less than five projects in the works — including films with Chase Stokes, John Cena, and Nicholas Hoult — and that’s just talking about her movie career. How does she do it all and maintain her mental health? Hint: Her pets play a *big* part.

Amid her year of prioritizing self-care, the 26-year-old actor teamed up with KIND Snacks to encourage people to take it easy and drown out the “be better” noise that comes at the start of a new year. Instead of feeling the pressure to follow viral wellness trends or meet certain fitness goals, Condor wants her fans to find healthy ways to treat themselves. For her, that means sleeping better and cuddling with her two dogs.

“If I didn't have pets, then I’d be real sad,” she tells Elite Daily.

Below, the Boo, Bitch actor shares her self-care routines, how her fiancé has helped her manage her wellness journey, and the skin care products she’s loving right now (heyyy, Hailey Bieber).

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I cuddle with my dogs, because that is self-care.

Elite Daily: OK, so walk me through your morning self-care routine.

Lana Condor: The first thing I do is get my dogs from downstairs. I cuddle with my dogs, because that is self-care. Then I get up, wash my face, and do my skin care. I've been using OSEA products; their whole model is real ingredients from the ocean.

I go downstairs and have matcha, because I'm not a coffee person, then I make my breakfast. (I have to eat immediately or else I'm a monster.) If I'm working, I'll grab something quick, but if I'm just chilling, I do a whole breakfast thing.

Then I journal — I started doing this morning journal practice, where you're just supposed to say whatever is on your mind. Once that’s done, then I take the dogs for a walk.

ED: How does that differ from your nighttime routine?

LC: As long as I wash my face and do skin care, that's kind of it. I don't try to do too much, because that's not for me. I like easy things.

One thing that I really love to do before I go to bed is ask my partner about our dogs. Their names are Emmy and Timmy, so I ask, “What's one cute thing that Emmy did today?” “What's one cute thing that Timmy did today?” It's the last thing I ask him. Then we talk about the one cute thing that they did, and I fall asleep. It's like my secret magical sleep trick; it makes me fall asleep in a good mood.

ED: Skin care seems really important to you. What are some of your fave products?

LC: I've been recently using [Hailey Bieber’s] Rhode a lot and I love it. I also recently went to Japan, so I have Japanese products that I can't pronounce. And I love Tower 28.

ED: Are there any wellness products that you've been influenced to buy online?

LC: I'm not on TikTok, but I was influenced to buy NuFACE on Instagram. I love gadgets. I'm a sucker for any sort of face gadget. I'll buy any gua sha. I was also influenced to try Rhode and ashwagandha root. I just went down this rabbit hole of adaptogenic supplements, like ashwagandha and rhodiola.

ED: You recently opened a one-day-only wellness store, Better You by Lana. If you were to make another, more long-term storefront, what would it entail?

LC: I'd probably incorporate a beauty component. But here at Better You, we're talking about beauty from the inside, and food, which is my entire identity. If I wasn't an actor, I would've been a food blogger.


ED: How have your wellness habits changed in recent years?

LC: They’ve changed a lot. I noticed early on in my career that I wasn't taking care of myself. Then I kind of hit this point where it was like, you have no choice but to get yourself together. My fiancé [Anthony De La Torre] is Mr. Health. He has helped me with managing my own wellness journey.

I'm not always great at it, but it's time to get my life together.

I wear this wristband called WHOOP. It will track my heart rate variability, body temperature, blood pressure, and all these things. Other than that, I’m prioritizing sleep, whole foods, and water. I'm not always great at it, but it's time to get my life together.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.