Kiernan Shipka will be on Season 6 of 'Riverdale' as Sabrina Spellman

Sabrina Is Officially Coming To Riverdale In Season 6

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As fans were still trying to come to terms with that epic Riverdale Season 5 finale, The CW threw another curveball viewers’ way. In one of the most exciting crossover announcements ever — at least in the Archieverse — the show’s creator confirmed Kiernan Shipka will be on Season 6 of Riverdale as Sabrina Spellman. Chilling in the best way, amiright?

Riverdale writer Evan Kyle first shared the news on Oct. 6 during an interview with The Dipp and then showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed the deets the following day. And while most Riverdalians knew it was only a matter of time before a true Sabrina crossover happened, no one thought it would happen so soon. According to Aguirre-Sacasa, however, this has been in the works since the very beginning. In a statement to EW on Oct. 7, Aguirre-Sacasa said: "We've been talking about having Sabrina visit Riverdale since Season 1, so it's thrilling that this is finally happening.”

Since both Riverdale and CAOS take place in the same fictional universe, there have been plenty of hints and easter eggs referencing each other, but a true crossover has yet to take place. And all hope kinda seemed lost when CAOS was canceled by Netflix a few months before Season 4 aired, which resulted in an unresolved ending to the series — until now, that is, because Sabrina’s officially heading to Riverdale.

The crossover will take place during Season 6, Episode 4. The episode, titled “The Witching Hour(s),” will seemingly center around Sabrina helping Cheryl Blossom, who unleashed a spell on the town after learning the gruesome fate of her ancestors. "It's also perfect that [Sabrina] shows up to help Cheryl Blossom during her hour of greatest need,” Aguirre-Sacasa said. “Everyone on set lost their minds — I think fans will, too. It's really fun and special."

While that alone is exciting, there could be even more of a magical crossover in the works. When CAOS was canceled, Aguirre-Sacasa told Deadline he had been planning a crossover for Part 5 called “Witch War,” which would have given the main Riverdale characters magical powers.

“[I] pitched a possible Part 5 to Netflix which would’ve produced Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and all the Riverdale characters as witches,” Aguirre-Sacasa said. “And there would’ve been a witch war between the witches in Greendale versus all of these witches and warlocks in Riverdale. Netflix was excited about that idea but due to the pandemic, it didn’t feel possible.”

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With at least one crossover episode officially confirmed, who knows? Maybe this is just the start of some new recurring characters on Riverdale and the introduction to a little more magic in the town. With Riverdale Season 6 set to premiere on The CW on Tuesday, Nov. 16, at 9 p.m. ET., fans won’t have to wait long to see what’s brewing.