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After noticing Taylor Swift will be in Tokyo, Japan the night before the Super Bowl on Feb. 11, many...

How Taylor Swift Can Fly From Her Tokyo Concert To The Super Bowl

You better believe she’ll be cheering in the bleachers.

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Travis Kelce will paint the 2024 Super Bowl red, but what about Taylor Swift? On Jan. 28, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens, ensuring their spot against the San Francisco 49ers at the championship game. While both teams’ wins are notably historic, it was Kelce and Swift’s endgame kiss (and her admiringly watching him in the audience) that warmed the hearts of viewers.

This isn’t the first time Swift has publicly supported Kelce while also traveling for her Eras Tour. But this time, there’s a bigger roadblock. The Chiefs’ upcoming visit to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl cuts close to one of Swift’s international shows. So, will Swift appear at the game? Let’s investigate.

This year’s Super Bowl will take place on Feb. 11 at 3:30 p.m., one day after Swift’s concert in Tokyo on Feb. 10 at 10 p.m. With Tokyo running 17 hours ahead of Las Vegas, it would initially seem impossible for Swift to make the game on time. However, it seems fans found an important loophole.

Despite Swift’s packed schedule on and off the road, she has shown her commitment to appearing at Kelce’s games consistently over the past months. After her Eras Tour film premiere on Oct. 11, 2023 in Los Angeles, she flew to Kansas City that following day to watch the Chiefs’ home game against the Denver Broncos.

With Swift’s dedication in mind, fans tried to devise a plan on how she could attend the Super Bowl. And interestingly, they didn’t have to look far for inspiration. On X (formerly known as Twitter), fans pointed to a 2001 episode of The West Wing that speaks to the singer’s international dilemma.

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In the scene, four characters are seen discussing details of a flight traveling from Tokyo to the U.S. With four clocks on the wall, they dissect how the international date line — which serves as the boundary between one calendar day and the next — affects what time the flight will land. When traveling east over the IDL, the date decreases by one day; meanwhile, going west will have the opposite effect.

This phenomena works in Swift’s favor, who would be traveling east from Tokyo to Las Vegas for a 10-13-hour flight. She’d gain a day during that flight, meaning she would actually land on the morning of Feb. 11 with more than enough time to freshen up, throw on some custom Chiefs gear, and find her seat in the stadium.

So yes, there’s a good chance the Super Bowl will be a must-watch Swiftie affair this year.

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