Super Bowl
Pete Davidson stars in Hellmann's Super Bowl 2022 ad about food waste.

Pete Davidson Admits How "Hittable" He Is In This Super Bowl Ad

At least he's self-aware.


Pete Davidson has his next starring role, and it’s going to air during what’s sure to be one of the most-watched television events of 2022. The Saturday Night Live comedian stars in Hellmann’s 2022 Super Bowl commercial, in which he does a painful-looking stunt for a good cause. Something tells me Kanye West is going to be watching this on repeat, because the ad shows Davidson getting tackled by NFL linebacker Jerod Mayo.

Hellmann’s new commercial is devoted to fighting food waste by highlighting all the ways you can reinvent food you might be about to throw away by adding some mayonnaise into the mix. In fitting with the ad’s Super Bowl LVI airtime and the NFL star’s very appropriate last name, Mayo tackles anyone who dares to try throwing out food, forcefully suggesting they instead turn their old bread into grilled cheese or whip their wilting spinach into a frittata.

The real surprise comes at the end, though, when Davidson and his mother, Amy Waters Davidson, enjoy some chips and dip rather than let their food go to waste. Even though Davidson’s made a tasty dip with his leftovers, Mayo still couldn’t resist tackling the comedian. “I get it,” Davidson admits after being knocked to the ground. “I’m very hittable.”

It’s no secret that companies pull out all the stops for their Super Bowl ads, and Hellmann’s clearly had its finger on the pulse with this one. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, Pete Davidson is the person everybody can’t stop talking about since the rumors first began in October 2021 that he’s dating Kim Kardashian. The relationship has caused quite a bit of drama with Kanye West, whom Kardashian is in the process of divorcing, and West’s new girlfriend, Julia Fox.

But it’s not all jokes. Along with the timely commercial, Hellmann’s is committing to helping prevent food waste on Super Bowl Sunday by donating 5,000 meals to Feeding America for each tackle and defensive sack that happens during the game.

Look out for Davidson’s cameo in Hellmann’s new ad when it airs during Super Bowl LVI on Feb. 13.