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5 Fan Theories About Harry Styles' Harry's House That Proved To Be Right

The easter eggs have been there for months.

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Pack your bags, Harries! It’ll soon be time to move in to Harry’s House. On March 23, Harry Styles announced his third solo album will be released on May 20, quickening the heart rates of fans around the world. In anticipation of the next leg of his Love On Tour, stans began developing theories about a new album long before Harry’s House was officially confirmed. While Styles’ mysterious @youarehome Instagram account inspired theories as recently as last week, others lead back to song lyrics from Fine Line, released in 2019.

So where do these theories come from? Styles has repeatedly mentioned “home” on- and off-stage for years, leading fans to realize he’s explored the theme since his first self-titled album in 2017. When he launched a peculiar, interactive “You Are Home” website and a corresponding Instagram this March, fans suspected the activations would be part of a new release. (Ahead of Fine Line’s announcement, for example, he launched a corresponding scavenger hunt.) Of course, fans have also turned to TikTok to share their Harry’s House theories. Considering so many of them were spot-on, here are five of the best ones.

The Wizard of Oz Harryween “Dorothy” Costume

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For the first night of his 2021 sold-out Love On Tour Halloween weekend in New York City, Styles dressed up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, complete with a plaid blue dress and ruby red heels. In the 1939 film, Dorothy clicks her heels three times while repeatedly stating “there’s no place like home.” Styles followed suit and referenced going home throughout the night.

The First Collection of Pleasing Promo Photos

In November 2021, Styles released his beauty brand, Pleasing, which included a gorgeous array of nail polish and skincare. In one of the nail polish promo photos, fans noticed Styles holding five fingers up on his left hand and two fingers on his right hand. Fans speculated he was hinting at a new album release date — possibly May 2 (5/2) or May 20 (5/20). However, because there was no mention of a new album soon after this incident, fans let this easter egg float away. Turns out TikTokers were right to be suspicious, as the release of Harry’s House is May 20.

Getting His Audience Ready To Go “Home” During Love On

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Since the start of his Love On Tour in September 2021, Styles would often end his shows by asking the audience, “Are you ready to go home?” to which fans would respond with, “You are home” — the phrase now appearing on Harry’s House advertisements. Considering the cocky grin Styles would wear while raising the question, fans began wondering whether there was more meaning behind it. While signing “Sign of the Times” during his final North American Love On Tour performance in November, Styles told fans to “send me home” — which fans interpreted as a hint at his readiness to move on to his next musical era.

The Names Of His Love On Pit Sections

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In January 2022, fans noticed the names of the stadium layout for Love On’s international dates changed from “cherry” and “watermelon” to “kitchen,” “bedroom,” and “hallway, — aka, Harry’s House. TikTok Harries instantly knew he was up to something. The cherry and watermelon pits matched the vibe of Fine Line songs “Cherry” and “Watermelon Sugar,” which of course led fans to believe that the kitchen, bedroom, and hallway pits would follow the tone of a new album.

“Home” Lyrics From His First Two Albums

While Styles has been singing about home since his One Direction days, fans first turned to lyrics from his self-titled album that reference a house or being home:

  • “Meet me in the hallway…I just left your bedroom” — “Meet Me In the Hallway”
  • “But she says I remind her of home…Feeling oh so far from home” — “Carolina”
  • “The fridge light washes this room” — “Two Ghosts”
  • “Two hearts in one home…You bring me home” — “Sweet Creature”
  • “Couldn’t take you home to mother in a skirt that short” — “Only Angel”
  • “When she’s alone, she goes home to a cactus” — “Kiwi”

TikTokers also noticed certain Fine Line lyrics reference home, too:

  • “I’m in my bed and you’re not here” — “Falling”
  • “It’s hard for me to go home” — “To Be So Lonely”
  • “She sleeps in his bed” — “She”
  • “Kiss in the kitchen like it’s a dance floor… Kids in the kitchen listen to dancehall” — “Sunflower, Vol. 6”
  • “Two weeks and I’ll be home…I’m going home” — “Canyon Moon”

According to fans on Twitter, his three albums follow the evolution of establishing your own definition of home. Based on lyrics from each album, he wants to go home in Harry Styles; is going home in Fine Line; and will finally be home with Harry’s House. Fans on TikTok also hypothesize this analogy could be connected to the end of his three-year contract with Columbia Records.

That said, some fan theories remain unanswered, like the connection between the Love On Tour rabbits, the mushroom puzzle behind the fourth @YouAreHome door, and potential “Alice in Wonderland” references. While evidence suggests the door concept seen across Harry’s House imagery is connected to the children’s story (plus the idea of “going home” in a world that’s upside down), fans will have to wait for Harry’s House to see whether this all adds up.

While the wait for the new album will feel long, new music may come sooner than expected. Following the album announcement, fans paid special attention to “Canyon Moon” lyrics that reflect the cover art: “Staring at the ceiling, two weeks and I’ll be home.” In the album cover photo, Styles is in an upside down room, literally staring at a ceiling. Fans believe this photo could suggest that two weeks after the official album announcement, Styles will release his first Harry’s Home single. Start your countdown — and get ready for many nights in.