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Donna Kelce Reveals Travis' Best Relationship Qualities

Plus, her thoughts on his dating show Catching Kelce.

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As the romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, or “Traylor,” heats up, Swifties are taking clues from their PDA-packed public outings — and the adorably wholesome resurfaced tweets from Travis’ time as a college student at the University of Cincinnati — for what the Kansas City Chiefs tight end is like in a relationship. Now, Donna “Mama” Kelce is sharing some insight into Travis’ best qualities as a partner in an exclusive interview — and it sounds like he’s the ultimate golden retriever boyfriend.

Speaking with Elite Daily during the Nov. 20 Kansas City Chiefs versus Philadelphia Eagles game, Mama Kelce laughs when Travis’ resurfaced tweets are mentioned, confirming, “He’s always been charismatic. He always has a knack of being able to get along with people ... I don’t see any difference between then and now. He’s pretty much the same human being that he was.” She adds, “He’s just a little bit wiser, that’s all.”

While Donna says that Travis shooting his shot has helped him “find that person,” his dating timeline wasn’t always so smooth. Back in 2016, the now 34-year-old was starring on his own dating show Catching Kelce, which Mama Kelce says was “all in good fun.”

He's very generous, he's very giving.

“I think it was an opportunity,” she says. “He likes attention, and I think it was part of the whole move from college going into the pros. I think he wanted to be known, and that's one way to get your name out there.”

With so many eyes on his relationship with Swift, Travis’ chivalry — showcased in carrying Taylor’s purse on their NYC outings and opening doors for her — is a frequent conversation online. It’s a point of pride for Mama Kelce, who says, “That was something in our house that was important.”

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“I told both [him and Jason] that it doesn't matter the color of your skin, who you are ... if you're cleaning toilets or you're a CEO of a corporation — you treat everybody equally,” she says. “And I think it's served him well. He does do that. He's just very, very, very open and equal with everyone with his time.”

This attitude also carries over into what Travis is like as a boyfriend and a friend. “He's extremely loyal to his friends and to people that he cares about,” she says. “He's very generous, he's very giving.”

When he is talking to you, he's with you totally. He's not thinking of anybody else in the room.

While both Travis and Taylor have jam-packed schedules and demanding careers, Donna says her son’s ability to be in the moment supports his connections.

“When he's talking to you, he's with you totally. He's not thinking of anybody else in the room, and he has that ability to be able to focus in and compartmentalize, no matter what he's doing,” she says. “And I think he's a good friend. He just always has been.”