Tanya and Greg on The White Lotus

This TikTok Theory About Who Dies On The White Lotus Actually Tracks

Is Tanya... psychic?


Ever since Daphne swam headfirst into a corpse in The White Lotus’ Season 2 premiere, every viewer has been frantically asking the same question: Who’s going to die? There have been a ton of theories about this season’s impending deaths — and yes, that’s deaths, plural, since Rocco confirmed multiple bodies had been found in the sea in the flash-forward intro. But one of the most convincing theories of all comes from a TikTok of a brief Episode 1 scene that may or may not have predicted Greg’s impending death.

Spoiler alert: This post discusses plot details from The White Lotus Season 2, Episode 6. Although Greg has been M.I.A. for most of this season, he’s still at the top of a lot of fans’ minds. The once-lovable man from Season 1 seemed to have a total personality change in Season 2, demanding that Tanya shoo her assistant away, shaming his wife’s eating habits, and hiding very suspicious phone calls from her. Things got even weirder after he suddenly left in Episode 2 and a shady socialite named Quentin showed up to help lift Tanya’s spirits... or perhaps to scam her out of all her money.

Alarm bells went off in the fandom when Quentin told Tanya about his true love: an American cowboy he would do anything for, who fans immediately suspected was Greg. Then Tanya found a photo of Quentin and his cowboy, and this mystery lover looked a lot like Greg. All things considered, it certainly seems like Greg is in his villain era, but a viral TikTok has fans convinced his misdeeds will be swiftly punished.

The video recalled a conversation Tanya and Greg had in the season premiere, just after she zoned out during sex with him. “I must have been disassociating,” Tanya told her husband, before describing a bizarre vision. “I was seeing all these faces of men with these very effeminate hairstyles, and then I saw you. And your eyes were like shark eyes, like just completely dead. Just like, dead.”

Tanya’s dream comes off as pretty clairvoyant now that viewers know she actually does become surrounded by a ton of well-coiffed men while partying at Quentin’s palazzo in Palermo. If she really was gazing into the future, then Greg’s dead eyes could mean her husband will die in his efforts to try to scam her.

Then again, the “dead eyes” thing could have a more figurative interpretation, especially since Tanya only describes Greg’s eyes as dead, and not his whole body. Maybe she was tapping into Greg’s lost love for her, and when she sees him again in the finale she’ll realize he no longer looks at her with love in his eyes but instead a cold, uncaring stare.

There are a ton of super shady characters who could become killers in the finale (Ethan’s ready to pounce at Cameron, and Alessio’s relationship with Lucia is still dangerously unclear), but Greg just may be the shadiest of all.

The White Lotus Season 2 concludes Sunday, Dec. 11, at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.