9 DIY Outer Banks Halloween Costumes

Embrace the Pogue life.


The Outer Banks teens might not necessarily be known for their fashion, but that doesn’t mean the Pogues aren’t serving lewks. While you might not have considered dressing like an OBXer for Oct. 31, the group of beachy outlaws actually make for perfect, no-stress costumes. Even though you’re probably not fighting your parents for gold or evading the cops, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like your favorite Carolinians. These DIY Outer Banks Halloween costumes are not only cheap — and simple — to pull together, but many of the items will probably become staples in your wardrobe as well.

Even though Outer Banks has only been around for two seasons, the Netflix series was one of the streamer’s most popular shows in 2021. Between the hot cast and action-packed plot, it makes sense why fans are already clamoring for a third season. And while there’s no news yet on another installment, you can keep the characters alive by dressing like John B. and his pals this Halloween.

Whether you're coordinating a group costume or just want an excuse to splurge on some new crop tops, here are some simple ways to channel all the best (and worst) Outer Banks characters.

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1. DIY John B. Routledge Outer Banks Halloween Costume

Season 2 of Outer Banks started with John B. and Sarah on the run, which means they both wore pretty much the same outfits for the first few episodes. If you plan to dress as the leader of the Pogues, you’ll want to lean into his carefree, surfer style.


Luckily, John B.’s renowned yellow T-shirt can be actually purchased through a lot of different retailers.

Not only will you want to make sure your hair is artfully disheveled and perhaps rub a little dirt all over yourself (he is on the run, remember) but you’ll also have to top the entire look off with John B.’s iconic blue bandana.

2. DIY Sarah Cameron Outer Banks Halloween Costume

The former Kook’s style changed drastically from Season 1 to Season 2, especially because Sarah was on the run with her “husband” for the first few episodes. Her Season 2 style is perfect for running around cities, evading the cops, and surviving the harsh Southern humidity.


Just like John B., Sarah rocks the same look for a while, which consists of a burnt orange crop top paired with jean shorts. The best part is, she looks pretty disheveled in this ‘fit, so you don’t have to get all glammed up. In fact, the messier, the better.

However grunge you decide to go, no Sarah Cameron costume is complete without her signature “S” pendant necklace.

3. DIY JJ Maybank Outer Banks Halloween Costume

Like all of the Pogues, JJ’s style is ideal for facing the heat. His look in particular, however, is a little edgier and eclectic, full of open Hawaiian shirts and rugged boots.


While there are plenty of options to choose from, one of the easiest — and most memorable — is JJ’s open black shirt. Bonus: You’ll get plenty of use out of this staple after the holiday.

Pair the shirt with some boots and black socks for a bad boy yet beachy vibe.

4. DIY Pope Heyward Outer Banks Halloween Costume

Pope became central to the Outer Banks story in Season 2, which is why no group OBX costume would be complete without his fashion-forward looks. Since he’s the most studious and traditionally driven of the bunch, his outfits tend to be a little more polished and put-together.


Thankfully it’s pretty easy to pull off Pope’s look. Pair some jeans with this multi-color hoodie and tuck a key and treasure map in your pocket to make the Denmark Tanney descendant proud.

5. DIY Kiara Carrera Outer Banks Halloween Costume

When Kiara isn’t rocking swimsuits, she’s probably wearing a retro-style crop top and headband. Just like the rest of her group, she’s always in something that makes it easy to beat the heat and evade the police.


While you can grab any bikini top from your closet, one of Kiara’s most fun ‘fits is her bright orange crop top.

Pair your crop with a brown and orange headband and Kiara’s classic yin and yang necklace for that effortlessly cool vibe she always exudes.

6. DIY Rafe Cameron Outer Banks Halloween Costume

Sarah’s older brother and easily one of the scariest Camerons around, Rafe’s fashion starts out as preppy and grows to be a little more rugged as the seasons go on.


If you want to really make it clear you’re channeling the oldest Cameron sibling, a polo shirt is definitely the way to go. While a popped collar is optional, I think it adds a nice little Rafe-ness to the complete costume.

7. DIY Ward Cameron Outer Banks Halloween Costume

One of the true bad guys of Outer Banks, Ward Cameron is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Since he’s always dressed to the nines, it’s easy to see why so many people wrongfully assumed Ward was on the right side of the law.


If you don’t have a suit jacket and slacks at home, there’s a good chance you’ll get some use out of them in the future, which is why dressing like Ward is a pretty good deal. Pair a navy jacket with some tan pants and prepare to walk around town acting like you didn’t screw over your partner. And daughter. And daughter’s boyfriend. And daughter’s boyfriend’s best friends.

8. DIY Cleo Outer Banks Halloween Costume

Cleo, a Season 2 newcomer, quickly became a fan-favorite thanks to her island style, boss attitude, and clever comebacks. Since she’s usually on boats, her fashion is simple and conducive to hot weather and salty breezes.


A short sleeve white T-shirt, some cutoff jean shorts, and a beaded belt are all you needed to channel your inner Cleo.

9. DIY Topper Outer Banks Halloween Costume

Love him or hate him, Topper is an integral part of the Outer Banks story, even though he’s much more Kook than Pogue. Easily the preppiest of all the characters, Topper’s style is reminiscent of a walk down any college’s Greek Row.


If you don’t have a Southern Marsh button-down, bright shorts, and a pair of boat shoes, now’s the time to invest, since I don’t think Topper’s ever met a frat look he didn’t like.

Whether you decide to get spruced up as Ward or keep it casual as Chloe, you’ll pull in the Instagram likes by dressing as any Outer Banks-er this Halloween.

Outer Banks Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.