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Kiara from 'Outer Banks' has some sassy quotes that work well as Instagram captions on confident sel...

45 Kiara Quotes From ‘Outer Banks’ To Show How Tough You Are On Social Media

Be prepared for whatever Insta-worthy adventure calls.

Kiara — aka Kie to her friends — may seem like a super chill hippie, but she can be tough as nails when it’s necessary. She’s definitely the kind of friend you want in your crew, and the Pogues are so lucky to have her. Luckily, these Kiara quotes from Outer Banks are perfect for whenever you need an Instagram caption to accompany your fierce selfies.

It never hurts to be prepared for whatever adventure awaits. Just as Kiara (played by Madison Bailey) is ready to sneak away to help her friends whenever they call, you’ll always have an Instagram caption or two to pair with your most post-worthy pics with these memorable Outer Banks quotes.

Now that Season 2 of Outer Banks is on Netflix, you and your friends are probably tapping into Pogue life even more than usual. Whether you’re keeping it chill with a watch party or you’re planning your own adventure to visit some Outer Banks filming locations in South Carolina, you and your besties are bringing your cameras to capture every moment along the way. To pay homage to the Pogue life, just use any of these 45 Kiara quotes from Outer Banks as your caption when heading to the beach or hanging out on your back porch.

  1. “You should be glad I’m not setting the house on fire.”
  2. “Can you just do your job for, like, 20 minutes?”
  3. “It’s not a coincidence that your daughter’s sitting with us.”
  4. “Well guess what, I already did.”
  5. “Didn't you ever play baseball?”
  6. “Oh my God, shut up! I get it.”
  7. “Why don’t I believe you?”
  8. “Can’t you guys do anything without me?”
  9. “That's a really good idea. Let the axe murderer know that we're here.”
  10. “Some patriarchal bullsh*t.”
  11. “Literally anything but that.”
  12. “I’m impressed. Maybe you are good for something.”
  13. “Lord of the dorks.”
  14. “Don’t do anything dangerous.”
  15. “You don’t need to spitball.”
  16. “What the hell happened?”
  17. “Hey, don’t get shot. That’s all I got.”
  18. “Why did we let him drive again?”
  19. “That’s a really funny joke.”
  20. “It’s not an escape room.”
  21. “It’s not like we haven’t kissed.”
  22. “Also, I’m sorry I called the cops.”
  23. “Maybe not compare my feelings to secretions?”
  24. “You’re dead. That’s it. Today’s the day that you die.”
  25. “Well, I would rather drown than stay here with you, so...”
  26. “If she’s in, I’m out.”
  27. “You are going to decide.”
  28. “Don’t give them the satisfaction of thinking this worked.”
  29. “Can you handle a plan right now?”
  30. “It’s kind of a junker.”
  31. “We don’t have time for that.”
  32. “It’s too easy.”
  33. “I swear to God I’m going to throw that thing in the ocean, JJ. Put it back.”
  34. “These are my friends.”
  35. “Oh wow, thank you, that’s really convincing. I love that, JJ.”
  36. “You’re gonna hold it for each other?”
  37. “What about Pogue life?”
  38. “She’s like a spitting cobra.”
  39. “You know why we didn't find it? Bad karma.”
  40. “Where’s your proof?”
  41. “Stop. Stop it.”
  42. “I think I’d know if I was shot.”
  43. “That b*tch is possessed.”
  44. “My mom’s gonna kill me.”
  45. “Get out of here, please.”