John B from Netflix's 'Outer Banks' has some of the best quotes about Pogue life.

27 John B Quotes From ‘Outer Banks’ That Are Perfect For Living The Pogue Life This Summer

TFW you’re doing whatever you want, whenever you want.

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By now, you’ve probably marathoned every episode of Netflix’s Outer Banks after Season 2 was released on July 30. John B and his crew are super relatable to many groups of friends with all their summer beach days and boat hangs — minus all the treasure-hunting, of course. The Pogue life is the life, which is why you may need a few John B quotes from Outer Banks to whip out during all your adventures together.

John B has had it pretty hard between his father going missing and being framed for a murder he didn’t commit. Despite it all, he’s determined to make things right and spend time with his best friends. You may not have a treasure hunt to go on, but you can plan an Outer Banks-themed scavenger hunt or rent a house near some of the Outer Banks filming locations in South Carolina. Plus, you probably have that same mentality when it comes to making the most of your time with your friends.

Whatever you have planned for the rest of the summer, these 27 John B quotes from the series are perfect for captioning Instagrams with your Pogue crew or for dropping into conversation with your fellow Outer Banks fans.

  1. “The Outer Banks, paradise on Earth. It’s the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses. Two tribes, one island.”
  2. “Once a Pogue, always a Pogue.”
  3. “That was a good dad joke.”
  4. “We’re the Pogues and our mission this summer is to have a good time, all the time.”
  5. “I don’t give a sh*t if she’s an axe murderer, OK?”
  6. “The way I see it, the game’s rigged. Maybe it always has been. And with no parents, no money, and no one looking out for me, I got no chance. Unless I make it on my own.”
  7. “Well, look what we have here.”
  8. “The downside of Pogue life is we’re ignored and neglected. But the upside of Pogue life? We’re ignored and neglected, which means we do whatever we want, whenever we want.”
  9. “Oh my God. Have you seen this shirt? It’s $190.”
  10. “You want me to take a picture of you? You want to make our own incriminating evidence?”
  11. “Bro, you know the rule. No Pogue-on-Pogue macking.”
  12. “Yes, you know, we all know too much, eventually.”
  13. “Tell me the happy ending.”
  14. “Denial’s underrated. You should try it sometime.”
  15. “Reality.”
  16. “I do stupid things all the time without realizing it.”
  17. “I’m on a treasure hunt.”
  18. “I look like I got kicked out of the barbershop quartet.”
  19. “Is that a lavender or plum?”
  20. “I was hoping you would say that.”
  21. “You’re just gonna walk away like this never happened?”
  22. “Well, that’s disheartening and scary.”
  23. “Are we in the presence of a royal?”
  24. “I’m thinking it’s looking a little dicey.”
  25. “How about we try to find obvious clues?”
  26. “If you go out there, there’s 100% probability that you’re gonna do something stupid.”
  27. “Pogues don’t lie to Pogues, right?”

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