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38 ‘Outer Banks’ Sarah Cameron Quotes That'll Have You Calling The Shots On Instagram

This way you’re always ready for your next adventure.

When viewers first meet Sarah Cameron on Outer Banks, she seems like the typical Kook and the Pogues are quick to dismiss her for her reputation as a princess. However, she quickly proves that there’s more to her than meets the eye during Season 1 and Season 2 when she teams up with the Pogues during their adventures. In fact, the queen of OBX (played by Madelyn Cline) is a true badass who can take a beating and stand up to anyone — even her own dad. That’s precisely why you need some Sarah Cameron quotes from Outer Banks to channel her energy for your most confident selfies on Instagram.

These 38 Sarah quotes from Outer Banks also work to caption your strongest snaps with your own Pogue crew. Of course, your life may not be as dramatic or action-packed as Sarah’s. You probably don’t have to choose between your father and your partner, and you don’t have to escape to the Bahamas after said partner is framed for murder, but you still have plenty of fun adventures to attend to. Plus, there’s never a bad time to channel your inner Sarah Cameron when captioning some pictures with your crew or sharing some memorable one-liners with fellow Outer Banks fans on social media.

Whether you have plans to go out on the boat for a fun-filled lake day or travel to a beachy town to see some Outer Banks filming locations this summer, you’ll definitely be snapping tons of pictures you’ll want to immortalize on the ‘Gram. Along with the perfect Outer Banks quote, of course. Here are the best Sarah quotes from Outer Banks to help you call the shots on your next TikTok or Instagram post.

  1. “You love being seen with me, but you don't love me.”
  2. “Don’t worry, I’ll sugar mama you.”
  3. “When people get close to me, I feel trapped. And I bail and I blame them for it.”
  4. “I'd rather die than be without you.”
  5. “I can’t lose you.”
  6. “You don’t have any prospects.”
  7. “I’m calling the shots now.”
  8. “Never heard anyone whine like that before.”
  9. “So, there’s this game my sister and I play. It’s called truth or dare, except there’s no dare.”
  10. “I’m driving... I can’t drive stick.”
  11. “This dress comes with built-in nunchucks.”
  12. “Are you checking yourself out?”
  13. “Now that we have returned to the motherland, we must revert to our real identities.”
  14. “Does it look like we’re joking?”
  15. “Sometimes some things just aren’t meant to be.”
  16. “And yeah, I want this back.”
  17. “Till death do us part.”
  18. “Oh, sh*t, you’re serious.”
  19. “What the hell is wrong with you?”
  20. “I can’t handle the constant interrogation, OK?”
  21. “You worry about your sh*t, I’ll worry about mine.”
  22. “We've already been through this. I didn't rat you out, OK? So suck it up, buttercup.”
  23. “Shh! Are you kidding me?”
  24. “I don’t trust anyone. Especially not with a trustee pass.”
  25. “One last mission, and then I'm out of this dirty, dirty game.”
  26. “I could tell you, but then he wouldn't be a mystery, would he?”
  27. “Watch me.”
  28. “How do I put this on?”
  29. “That’s all. Good talk.”
  30. “I’m not gonna tell him anything.”
  31. “I’m busy!”
  32. “Shh, just accept your fate.”
  33. “Uh oh, it’s my handler.”
  34. “I already know what the rest of my life is gonna look like.”
  35. “World domination.”
  36. “He probably knows my brother.”
  37. “It's the only star that doesn't move. Everything else spins around that.”
  38. “John B, we are fugitives. In a foreign country.”