Colton Haynes has a cameo in Lil Nas X's "Industry Baby" music video, and it's too good.

Yep, That's A Teen Wolf Star In Lil Nas X's New Music Video

The Montero Cinematic Universe just keeps expanding.

Lil Nas X’s latest hit music video will have you subtly feeling some Teen Wolf vibes. After Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby” music video with Jack Harlow was released, fans began breaking down the different scenes with so much support. Notably, one of the things fans noticed was that Colton Haynes has a cameo in Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby” video, and it’s so quick, if you look away, you might miss it.

You probably remember Haynes as Jackson Whittemore from Teen Wolf, but more recently, he starred in Arrow as Ron Harper. The video begins with sequences of Lil Nas X in prison, listing off his accomplishments, and then going into why he’s not going anywhere as he calls out the haters. Meanwhile, there’s a naked shower scene full of inmate dancers, Jack Harlow’s accompanying verse, and tons of sultry scenes. Then, somewhere in-between, Haynes makes a brief appearance as a correctional officer.

The scene with Haynes shows him seated at a desk as he watches Lil Nas X’s music video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” on his smartphone. His eyes are glued to the screen as he watches the portion where Lil Nas X is in hell, seducing the devil. The moment is so quick, but if you catch it, you’ll definitely notice that Haynes is thirsting after the rapper.


Fans of the Teen Wolf alum were super excited to see him appear in Lil Nas X’s video and took to Twitter to share their delight:

In addition to Haynes’ appearance, a lot of fans thought that they saw Jason Momoa. However, his name isn’t listed in the music video’s end credits, so whoever they saw wasn’t him:

Other reactions to Lil Nas X and Harlow’s “Industry Baby” were pretty stoked about its other aspects — especially the naked shower scene with the inmates, where Lil Nas X leads front and center. However, fans noticed that Harlow was missing from the shower scene and wondered why he wasn’t incorporated, and Lil Nas X even issued a joke apology about it.

ICYMI, the background on “Industry Baby” is all about satirizing the Nike lawsuit that followed his limited, unauthorized release of “Satan” shoes, which were modeled after Nike Air Max 97s.

Although Haynes made a cameo in the recent music video, by now, Momoa fans are probably disappointed the vid didn’t feature him — just a look-alike. Nonetheless, people are all here for the Teen Wolf alum’s appearance in “Industry Baby,” so here’s to expanding Lil Nas X’s cast of characters in his vids.