Dylan O'Brien said a 'Teen Wolf' reunion will happen eventually.

Dylan O'Brien Said A 'Teen Wolf' Reunion Will Happen, So Alert Your Wolf Pack


It sounds like the Teen Wolf gang is planning a trip back to Beacon Hills sometime soon. MTV's supernatural drama ended in 2017, but the cast is still super close, and Dylan O'Brien's recent quote about a Teen Wolf reunion shows just how much the show meant to him. Not only that, but it also indicates how eager he is to revisit Stiles Stilinski.

Teen Wolf earned a devoted fanbase over its six-season run from 2011 to 2017, and in recent months, the cast has been vocal about wanting to come back to their characters in a new special or reboot. Back in March, Tyler Posey tweeted at MTV asking for the series to be revived, with a handful of his costars voicing their agreement. The fervor led to a virtual reunion in June, but O'Brien teased there may be more Teen Wolf goodness in the future during a new interview on Variety’s The Big Ticket Podcast.

"That was my first character ever, and Stiles, to me, is just my heart and soul," O'Brien said. "Obviously, I would jump at the chance to do any kind of thing. There’s got to be some kind… I mean, we’ll come back together for something at some point."


O'Brien also shared his idea for what Stiles may be up to years in this potential reboot. "I think I’ve said this before, so it’s so boring, but I would love the idea that he’s, like, sheriff — that he’s taken over as sheriff, but drives his Jeep instead of a squad car. I just love that. That feels right."

Stiles becoming the sheriff of Beacon Hills seems like a natural fit for the character, who always had a knack for investigating and solving mysteries. Plus, it would see Stiles following in his father's footsteps, since Stiles' dad was the sheriff throughout the six seasons of Teen Wolf. The question is: What are Scott, Derek, and the rest of the pack up to all these years later? It definitely sounds like the cast is down for some sort of reunion special, so hopefully fans will get to be reunited with the McCall pack in the near future.