Lady Gaga Says 'Perfect Illusion' Is About Relationship With Taylor Kinney


To those of you who guessed “Perfect Illusion” was written about Lady Gaga's ex-fiancé, Taylor Kinney: Congratulations, you were right.

To those of you who guessed “Perfect Illusion” was written about a Magic Eye book in an optometrist's waiting room: Look sharp, idiots.

In July, the couple announced they'd be taking a break. On Instagram, the singer asked fans to “root us on,” insisting she and her actor bae were “just like everybody else" and "really love each other.”

Now, Gaga is ready to admit “Perfect Illusion,” the first single off her upcoming album, Joanne, was inspired by her relationship with Kinney.

Gaga told E! News,

It's stressful to consider lyrics like, “It wasn't love. It was a perfect illusion,” apply to this particular couple, but life is complicated, nothing is sacred and a third sad cliché.

The music video for “Perfect Illusion” majorly underscores the song's aggression, with Gaga whipping a mic above a crowd of screaming fans.

And pony-whipping her bandmates.

And dirt-rolling through the desert.

She continued,

She said “nothing was choreographed” or rehearsed, insisting “everything… was just completely in the moment — pure, raw.”

Though her recent separation hasn't been easy, Mother Monster still plans to revolutionize our technology-obsessed society with Joanne.

When asked whether cell phone-free contact is extinct, she admitted,


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