Kylie Jenner Posted Snapchats Of Her And Dream Kardashian

This video of Kylie Jenner holding Dream Kardashian is very cute, but also kind of makes my brain hurt.

That's because in the latest chapter of the weird, confusing Kardashian family tree, Kylie is now an aunt to one of Blac Chyna's kids and a stepmom to the other.

OK, she's not technically a step mom yet, but things seem to be going pretty well with Tyga, so stepmom status to King Cairo may not be far off.

Anyway, here's the video, which Kylie posted on Snapchat on Saturday:

Like I said, very cute.

Between Kylie's impressive cleavage, Dream's little smile and the Christmas music playing in the background, it's like the perfect baby video.

(And I've seen a lot. All of my coworkers are way too obsessed with their nieces.)

Sweet little baby Dream, so blissfully unaware of the complexities of her relationship to her aunt Kylie and the world.

Look at that face. That is the face of naïveté.


Kylie's also been spending a lot of time with Chyna's other kid, 4-year-old King Cairo, lately.

Last week the 19-year-old reality star even included King's name on her family gingerbread house, because apparently that's a thing.


But then again, she also included the names of her dogs on the house, so maybe it's not that big of a gesture.

Kudos to Kylie for making time for family this weekend though, considering how busy she's been with her new pop-up shop.

The shop, which launched on Friday in the Topanga Westfield Mall in LA, is the first physical location for Kylie's cosmetic line.

King Cairo and dad Tyga were both on-hand to support the mogul-in-training. I wonder how Blac Chyna feels about all this, or if she's just resigned to her bizarre life, as long as she's getting what she wants (access to the Kardashian name). Even so, it has to be hard seeing your ex's new GF taking on "mom" roles with your kids.

Kylie herself came to the store opening to greet her fans, some of whom had camped out overnight since Thursday at 9 pm.


And it wouldn't be a true Kylie Jenner pop-up shop without some super sexual videos of Kylie and Tyga playing on a loop on the wall...right?

King and Dream have a lot of great content to catch up on when they grow up!

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