Kim Kardashian Attends First Party Since Robbery

After two and a half months of relative silence following her robberyKim Kardashian has slowly been making moves to come back into the public eye this week.

Yesterday, the 36-year-old reality star released a behind-the-scenes video, launched an Instagram account and apparently even went to a party.

It's not quite the fully-packed Kim K day we're used to seeing on Snapchat, but it's getting there.

Kim showed up Wednesday night to Shelli Azoff's holiday party at The Forum in Los Angeles. Shelli is the wife of entertainment manager Irving Azoff and a close friend of Kris Jenner's.

In other words, Kim got dragged to her mom's boring Christmas party -- but at least she showed!

A fellow party attendee even got the pics to prove it.


Looks like Kim is back to her socialite life, kinda!

While she has yet to make the return official-official by coming back to social media, a new verified Kimoji Instagram account did pop up yesterday, full of sexy videos.

Of course, it's all to advertise the release of new Kimoji merch on December 16, and it's very doubtful Kim made those posts herself, but still. It's something.

Plus, she recently starred in Day 12 of LOVE Magazine's video advent calendar, AND she just did a behind-the-scenes video for her mobile game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

At this point, it kinda seems like Kim Kardashian is going to come back quietly and just never going to talk about that whole robbery at gunpoint thing.

Or the Kanye hospitalization thing. Or the Kanye/Trump thing.

Back in October, the week after the armed robbery in Paris, it was reported Kim would be "taking a month off" from work to recover.

However, now it's going on nearly three months, but we're finally seeing signs of Kim's return.

To me, it's not official until we get that first Kim K Snapchat though.

C'mon, Kim. Your sisters' stories are boring.

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