Kanye's Breakdown Will be Addressed On 'KUWTK'

I hate that I'm about to say this, but if there is one saving grace from Kanye's breakdown it's there is going to be some insanely interesting music/TV.

One of the underlying stories from Kanye's recent mental breakdown and subsequent hospitalization has been how it will be addressed by "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

Though he's not really in the show that much, preferring to remain off-camera, the 39-year-old music icon is a pretty big part of the show.

It's sort of impossible for him to not be a part of it, seeing as his wife and mother of his two kids is the star of the franchise.


Reportedly, we could be seeing how E!'s producers plan on dealing with his breakdown on the show sooner rather than later.

A source close to the family told ET,

A few members of the Kardashian family have filmed scenes discussing the 39-year-old rapper's recent hospitalization for the next season for 'KUWTK.'

This doesn't mean Kanye himself will be on screen. The source went on to say,

He's never been a fan of having the cameras around him.

We may never actually see the footage from the scenes that are being filmed.

Kim Kardashian West is a producer on the show who has some power over the edits that are made.

She could very well veto his involvement in the season completely, continuing on with the largest elephant in the room possible hanging over the first few episodes back.

Keep in mind, we still have to deal with Kim's Paris robbery in the show.

Whether that means Kim herself will address the incident -- in which she was tied up at gunpoint and had anywhere between $6 and $11 million worth of jewelry taken from her -- or have her sisters talk about it still remains to be seen.


So regardless of whether or not the producers keep the Kanye footage in the show, the next few months of "KUWTK" are going to be insane.

Kanye was admitted to the hospital in late November after going on a series of odd rants and early concert exits during his Saint Pablo Tour.

The day after a particularly rough concert where West played three songs before going on a 17-minute rant and leaving the stage, he informed his staff he would be canceling the tour.

Later that day he was admitted to the hospital.

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