Drake And Rihanna Showed Up To The Same Party And Things Got Super Awkward


Running into your ex at a party is never fun... and it's even more awkward when it's a children's party.

Just ask Drake and Rihanna.The on-again off-again couple both attended a family friendly backyard party over the weekend, but judging by the way they interacted (or really, didn't interact), they're in an off-again phase right now.

A Snapchat video from another guest at the party shows Rihanna and Drake keeping their distance from one another while kids play in a ball pit.

Apparently the party was being thrown for the child of a mutual friend of both Drake and Rihanna. It looks like Drizzy and RiRi didn't reconnect at all at the party, though.

Drake and Rihanna have been hooking up and breaking up pretty continuously for the past seven years. Most recently, the superstars got together this past summer, with Drake publicly professing his undying love for Rihanna on stage at the MTV VMAs.

But shortly after that, the two superstar singers took another break. Rihanna focused on her career, while Drake moved on to briefly seeing Jennifer Lopez toward the beginning of 2017. But JLo is now dating Alex Rodriguez, so Drake is single again.

Though Drizzy and RiRi are both unattached, it doesn't look like they'll be rekindling their romance anytime soon, judging from that awkward party footage. Still, fans of the two singers are losing their minds over the longtime lovers hanging out in the same place.


Unfortunately for AubRih stans, it looks like it might be a while before the couple reunites... but I'm pretty confident in assuming we'll see them together again sometime soon.

All we need is yet another top 40-ready collaboration between the two and the rest will take care of itself. So c'mon Drake and Rih: Let's get to "Work."