Caitlyn Jenner Admits She Isn't Talking To Kim Kardashian: 'I Keep My Distance'

by Jamie LeeLo
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What IS it with this family?

I guess it could have something to do with the original sex tape scandal, the multiple marriages, the multiple divorces, the multiple babies, the multiple businesses, the tragic accidents, the Paris robbery, the very public gender transition, the cultural appropriation accusations, the mental health struggles, the multiple reality TV-series spinoffs, the boobs, the butts, and the insane amounts of money, fame, attention and Instagram photos... but damn, it seems like drama just follows them around.

Caitlyn Jenner has recently released a tell-all memoir titled "The Secrets Of My Life," and it has ruffled the feathers of her daughters and ex-wife, Kris Jenner.

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In recent "Keeping Up" episodes, we see how the Kardashian sisters feels scorched and thrown under the bus by Caitlyn, and in particular, how she discusses their mother, Kris.

This does not sit well with Kim Kardashian.

On Australia Nine's Network, Caitlyn told the Today Show,

I love Kimberly, I think she's a wonderful person. But, well, to be honest with you, I really haven't talked to her in a long time. I've kind of let everything calm down. So I kind of stay, you know, I keep my distance. I'm out there trying to make a difference in the world. There's a lot of drama in the Kardashian family. This is my book about my opinions on things that had happened with me and my family. Any time I express my opinion, you know, with my family, there's always challenges in doing that.

Kim reflected a similar sentiment a few weeks ago when making an appearance on "Ellen." In regards to Caitlyn, she said,

That was my stepdad for so many years. She taught me about character and so much growing up. I just feel like I don't respect the character that she's showing now... I just feel like there's no need for a book. Tell your story, but just don't bash other people.

She added, "My heart breaks for my mom, because I feel like she's been through so much. I just feel like it's unfair; things aren't truthful."


We hope the women can reconcile soon, and in the meantime we'll keep tuning in to see what twists and turns life throws them next!

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