Britney Spears Reveals She's Into Younger Guys, Says She'd 'Snog' Justin Bieber


On Tuesday, Britney Spears visited British talk show “Loose Women” and was tasked with choosing between Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell and Madonna during a game of Snog, Marry, Avoid.

You know Snog, Marry, Avoid! It's that game where you decide which of a predetermined trio of celebrities or acquaintances you'd Fuck, Marry or Kill.

The “Make Me…” singer already snogged the crap out of Madonna's beautiful, iconic, fake British face back at the 2003 VMAs, so it makes sense she'd be over it now.

Instead, Brit chose to snog the Biebs and kill — sorry — avoid both Simon and Madonna.

Though she described herself as “happily single” during the interview, she admitted she generally likes “younger guys.”

The 35-year-old added,

This morning, for instance, this guy came and he was my waiter and I was like 'OH MY GOD! YOU'RE ADORABLE!' and he was so cute.

Britney also claimed she likes “spur of the moment” interactions.

She said,

I don't like it to be so planned, like, 'Let's go on a date.'

Did you hear that, America? DID YOU HEAR THAT, WORLD? Keep it spontaneous, keep it young and you could end up with Britney by your side. Except you, Simon Cowell and Madonna. Go on, git.

Britney doesn't need to snog Justin Bieber to be happy, clearly. She can find endless joy by spending quality time with her sons, dodging onstage kisses from G-Eazy, teaching dance to these teeny peanuts or, I don't know, throwing gentle shade at Ariana Grande like she did on London's KISS FM UK last week.

Praise Britney freaking Spears, people, for showing us how to live. Shes's snogging the younger men and avoiding everyone else.

Oops! She did it. Amen.

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