'Beauty And The Beast' Cast Fangirls Over Beyoncé, Proves Stars Are Just Like Us


What's the one thing that a beautiful book-lover, a cursed man-beast and a talking wardrobe can all agree on? That Beyoncé is a literal goddess, obviously.

The cast of the live-action "Beauty and the Beast" gushed about Queen Bey after the singer attended the film's premiere last week. Seriously, the reaction was pretty much like this:

In case you missed it, Beyoncé graced the Hollywood premiere of "Beauty and the Beast" with her presence last week, along with daughter Blue Ivy, who was wearing a freaking $26,000 dress for the occasion. Jay Z was there too.

And basically, the stars of the movie reacted just like how you or I would react to seeing Beyoncé in the same movie theater as you — complete insanity and adoration.

The actors fangirled to Entertainment Tonight about their Bey-adjacent (adjBeycent??) experiences.


Josh Gad, who plays the openly gay toady LeFou, lamented not being able to meet Beyoncé at the screening and made an offer to come by her place to entertain her children.

I didn't see Queen Bey! I'm so sad. I will come dressed up as LeFou to your home and say hi to your children if I can just. I heard she loved it.

Though Gad didn't get to bask in the light of Beyoncé, Audra McDonald was blessed enough for an encounter. Audra, who plays the woman transformed into a wardrobe, Madame Garderobe, admitted she was reduced to just screaming out one word when she met Bey.

I did get to see her. It's amazing when you see Beyoncé, I became such a fangirl. I saw her and literally I went, 'Queen!' I literally just went, 'Queen!'

The two stars of the film, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, gave much more reserved answers. In fact, Stevens, who plays the Beast, sounded like he was much more starstruck to see Celine Dion at the screening than Beyoncé.

I am happy to receive her whenever she would like to pay personal tribute. No, I didn't get to meet her sadly, but I did sit directly behind Celine Dion at the Hollywood premiere and I spent the entire movie sort of watching the movie through the back of Celine Dion's head, just going, 'That's Celine Dion watching Beauty and the Beast, this is the strangest thing.'

I can't blame him — I think I'd be speechless around both Beyoncé and Celine.

As for Emma Watson, the movie's Belle, she also missed out on actually meeting Bey at the screening, but voiced her appreciation for the superstar dressing up and coming to see the film.

I didn't [see her], but I was so touched to see Beyonce and Blue Ivy dressed up together to see the movie.

Watson had actually come under fire from the BeyHive a few weeks ago when an old quote she had given critiquing Beyoncé's appeal to the male gaze in the Lemonade visual album.

But it quickly became clear that Watson loves Beyoncé as much as the rest of us. Shortly after the controversy arose, the actress shared the full story that the quote came from to give it some much needed context.

Anyway, it was clear that both the movie stars and Beyoncé had an unforgettable night watching the movie for the first time — Bey even uploaded a gorgeous photo album from the night to her website.

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