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Jin Teased BTS' ~Secret~ Collab With Coldplay In The Most Endearing Way

He's as big of a fan as you.

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Ever since BTS covered Coldplay's "Fix You" during their Feb. 23 appearance on MTV Unplugged, fans have been hoping the two world-famous groups would collaborate together someday. Now, thanks to a few clues on social media, they're convinced it's officially happening. So, are BTS and Coldplay collaborating on a song for real? Let's look at the facts.

One of the things that makes MTV Unplugged so iconic is it's produced some of the most memorable live covers in history, like Mariah Carey's 1992 cover of The Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" and Nirvana's 1993 cover of David Bowie's "The Man Who Sold The World."

When MTV announced BTS as its next performers on Feb. 9, ARMYs knew they were in for a real treat since the group would likely do a cover as well. Fans had no idea what song BTS would choose until hours before their Unplugged episode aired on Feb. 23. Apparently, the network accidentally released a video placeholder for the song on MTV UK's YouTube channel that revealed BTS would cover Coldplay's "Fix You." Fans thought their song choice was perfect because the famous track, which is about comforting someone through hard times, aligned with the message behind BTS' BE (Deluxe Edition) album.

Following their MTV Unplugged appearance, BTS received raving reviews for their "Fix You" cover by both fans and critics. It was so good even Coldplay praised them online. The British rock band tweeted, "Beautiful," in Korean, along with a bunch of grey heart emojis. They also signed it "Love c, g, w & j."

Now, months later, fans are convinced BTS and Coldplay are collaborating. It all started when an Instagram user named @Ichisean said they met Chris Martin at Incheon Airport in South Korea on Friday, April 16. The post made ARMYs think he was there to work with BTS on a song.

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The next hint fans got toward BTS and Coldplay’s possible collaboration came on Thursday, May 27, when Martin added BTS’ “Butter” to his Spotify playlist. Then, on May 31, fans appeared to find a MatchLyrics page that said the stars were gearing up to drop a song together called “My Universe.” According to screenshots shared by fans, the MatchLyrics page listed English lyrics for the song, which was set to be featured on Coldplay’s rumored album, due out sometime in 2021.

Since the info didn’t come from an official source, some fans were skeptical, especially because on Jan. 26, Korean singer Younha posted a selfie with Martin on IG, hinting they could be collaborating instead.

However, everything changed on July 20 when Coldplay confirmed their ninth studio album, Music of the Spheres, will drop on Oct. 15 and it will feature a song called “My Universe.” Since BTS has also released songs and music videos in the past that were cosmic-themed, fans thought their rumored collab with the band made so much sense. If that wasn’t enough, ARMYs also thought they saw a possible BTS connection in Coldplay’s July 20 album teaser. They pointed out the infinity logo shown during the clip looked a lot like BTS’ 2021 Muster Sowoozoo stage setup, making them believe the collaboration rumors even more.

Then, BTS’ Jin hinted at the team up in his Aug. 9 VLIVE. “There's a celeb I really like, a foreign artist, I heard that [the collaboration] already leaked,” Jin said during his stream, according to a fan translation by @modooborahae. “It's someone I liked since I was very young.”

Jin said he took a picture with that artist when they met him and he keeps it in his phone case. “Taehyung took the polaroid for me and I keep it as a talisman,” Jin said. “[The collab] should come out soon or in the future.”

Fans did some digging and found a video when Jin revealed the front of his phone case. They zoomed in and thought the person with Jin definitely looked like Martin.

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Fans can’t wait until Coldplay’s album drops in October because, with all these hints, they’re convinced BTS will be on it!

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