MTV Leaked Some Of BTS' 'Unplugged' Setlist & The Cover They'll Sing Will BREAK YOU

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The big question on everyone's mind right now is, what songs will BTS sing on MTV Unplugged? They just released BE (Essential Edition) on Feb. 19, so tracks off that album are an obvious choice, but fans are wondering if they'll sneak in a few throwback hits or cover songs. MTV Unplugged is one of the most iconic music showcases in television history, which means having the perfect setlist is a huge deal. If you're hoping your fave single will be featured, here's what ARMYs are thinking for the setlist so far (and what they've discovered by sleuthing through MTV's YouTube page).

MTV announced BTS as their latest performers for MTV Unplugged on Feb. 9. The same day, the network revealed the group will perform "Dynamite," as well as some of their other hits "like you've never heard them before." ARMYs instantly guessed that meant "Life Goes On" would be on the setlist, too, because it's the single off both the deluxe and essential editions of BE. Since BTS made the song to lift fans' spirits during the coronavirus pandemic, performing it would also mean a lot to fans who haven't seen the group in concert for over a year.

ARMYs were totally right about their theory. On Friday, Feb. 19, MTV gave fans a teaser of what to expect when BTS' episode of MTV Unplugged finally airs on TV. The clip revealed BTS will perform a sit-down version of "Life Goes On" backed by a live band. Watch the sneak peek below.

On Feb. 23, MTV also revealed BTS will perform a cover of Coldplay's 2005 single "Fix You," apparently by accident. A video placeholder for the song appeared on MTV UK's YouTube channel on Feb. 23 for a short time before it was taken down. But not before fans took plenty of screenshots.

The track deals with trying to comfort someone you love, so the message is needed especially during tough times like these. ARMYs better get their tissues ready because I've got the feeling this will be one emotional performance.

A few hours after the "Fix You" announcement, MTV seemed to have accidentally leaked a clip confirming BTS would be performing their fan-favorite BE track "Telepathy." Again, ARMYs captured the video before it got deleted.

BTS has yet to perform the song live, so the leaked footage got fans pumped for the official performance.

As for the rest of their setlist, ARMYs have plenty more theories. A lot of fans think BTS will perform "Spring Day" because of the inspiring message behind the song. It's about having the strength to get through difficult times, so it gives off similar vibes as "Life Goes On" and "Fix You."

Their Map of the Soul: 7 tracks like "Black Swan," "ON," and "Make It Right" are also popular choices because they're BTS' other most recent hits. According to fans, "Idol," "Fake Love," and "Boy With Luv" might be featured on the setlist as well because MTV has showed their music videos on their channel recently.

Besides "Dynamite," "Life Goes On," and "Fix You," nothing else has been confirmed. Fans will just have to catch BTS' MTV Unplugged performance on Tuesday, Feb. 23, at 9 p.m. ET to find out which songs make the final setlist.