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Jin Called Bang PD On VLIVE In The Middle Of The Night, And He Picked Up

His reaction was priceless.

The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

Monday, Aug. 9 marked a special day in the BTS fandom: Bang PD’s 49th birthday. He’s the founder of BTS’ agency, HYBE Entertainment (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment), and was the CEO of the company until July 2021 (at which point he stepped down to focus on producing). Since he’s been with the group since the beginning and is still a chairman and producer for HYBE, fans asked Jin during his latest livestream if he wished him a happy birthday. Jin admitted he forgot, which is why he called him on the spot. Bang PD's reaction to BTS' Jin calling him On VLIVE says a lot about their relationship.

It all started when a fan reminded Jin during his livestream what day it was. "Oppa did you wish Band PD a happy birthday?” they asked, according to a translation by @modooborahae on Twitter. “Omg I forgot Bang PD, who's like our father, birthday. I'll call him to tell him HBD after this,” Jin responded. “Wait should I call him now? It'd be so embarrassing if he didn't pick up.”

In the end, Jin didn’t have anything to worry about because Bang PD answered right away, showing how he’s always there for Jin and the rest of BTS. “Hello? Ahh PD-nim, happy birthday! What are you doing now?” Jin asked when the producer picked up. “I’m lying down in bed,” Bang PD said. “You’re lying down in bed right now? Is it okay for the busiest man in Korea to already be going to bed right now?” Jin replied before Bang PD said he had to wake up early the next morning.

Jin then asked if it was OK if fans could hear Bang PD’s voice during the VLIVE. “Aren’t I already on?” Bang PD joked. “I think it’s already too late to ask.”

Jin offered to come over for a drink, but Bang PD said maybe another time. “Soon? Any time I call, are you going to take time out of your busy schedule and have a drink with me?” Jin asked. Bang PD said he would love to meet up with all seven members of BTS, but it would have to be after the level of coronavirus cases go down in Seoul. “Ah right, that has to be over and let’s see each other but I feel like it’s possible to eat together if we see each other at the company while working,” Jin offered, before ending the call by wishing Bang PD a happy birthday again.

Fans loved hearing their conversation and hope Jin and Bang PD can reunite soon!