The video of BTS calling out James Cordon on 'The Late Late Show' is too good to miss.

BTS Fully Called Out James Corden For Calling Their Fans "15-Year-Old Girls"

"You've been in some hot water with the ARMYs..."

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The BTS boys aren’t afraid to call it like it is, especially when they catch wind of a shady comment about their fans. When the K-pop band appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday, Nov. 23, they confronted Corden over one of his jokes, which didn’t go well with the ARMYs. Addressing Corden’s awkward status with the ARMYs, this video of BTS calling out James Corden shows the band doesn’t hold back.

During BTS’ time on The Late Late Show, Jungkook, V, Suga, Jin, RM, J-Hope, and Jimin wowed fans with a live performance of the track “Permission T\to Dance” and joined Corden for a chat. After Corden pointed out that it had been two years since they were all together in person, RM, who was speaking on behalf of the group, remarked that they were glad to be back, but he had another thought on his mind. “But James, how are you? You’ve been in some hot water with the ARMYs. Are you alright?” RM asked Corden with a huge grin.

Corden doubled over laughing and hid his face in embarrassment. After he recovered himself, he explained what had gone down.

The “hot water” was due to a joke Corden made back in September 2021. “The United Nations General Assembly kicked off this morning in New York City, and it started with some pretty unusual visitors – BTS were there,” Corden said at the time. “Historic moment. It actually marks the first time that 15-year-old girls everywhere found themselves wishing that they were Secretary General António Guterres.” The joke was quickly condemned as ageist by BTS’ fans. ARMYs were demanding an apology from the host, who deleted the clip in response to reactions.

In the recent BTS interview clip, Corden admitted that saying the group’s fans are all 15-year-old girls was “wrong.” “We said that your fans were 15-year-old girls, which of course isn’t true because I’m 43-years-old and I consider myself to be one of the biggest BTS fans on planet Earth,” Corden admitted.

The official Twitter account for The Late Late Show posted the hilarious clip, and you can watch it below to see it all unfold.

The host continued, “I’ve never been on that side of the ARMY before.” Corden, who remarked that at the time, he thought the jokes weren’t “in any way offensive,” admitted that shortly after the fallout with ARMYs, he was reportedly receiving threats from fans.

In the interview, Corden made it clear that he loves the band and their fans and wouldn’t want to hurt them, apologizing for the joke.

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Near the end of the clip, RM leaned forward to shake Corden’s hand, saying, “We appreciate your apology. We just wanted to clear the air.”

Jimin, seated nearest Corden, chimed in to say he “believed” the host’s statement and that Corden can still be Papa Mochi, his nickname from the band and ARMY. So, for now, it looks like Papa Mochi has made ARMYs believe again.