After Britney Spears shared a video meeting The Weeknd and Sam Levinson, fans slipped on their inves...

Fans Are Theorizing Why Britney Met Euphoria’s Sam Levinson And The Weeknd

She’s a big fan of the show.

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There’s a new manifestation happening in Hollywood: a collaboration between Britney Spears and The Weeknd. The world can only dream, right? On Tuesday, May 24, the “Toxic” singer revealed in a since-deleted Instagram post that she met with The Weeknd and Euphoria creator Sam Levinson. In a short video clip, Spears, Levinson, and The Weeknd all boasted wide smiles.

“Here’s me today meeting the director of @euphoria today and @theweeknd,” Spears said in the caption, which also brimmed with several kiss marks and heart emojis, per Entertainment Tonight.

The IG post featured other photos, including an exciting nod to Euphoria and its stunning cinematography. According to Vulture, The Weeknd left a single red heart emoji in the comments, while Spears’ assistant Vicky T (also known as Victoria Asher) gushed over how exciting it was to see them meeting one another. According to Page Six, Vicky T unveiled that she planned the gathering and described in a brief Instagram Story how special this get-together was for her. Vicky T also shared a couple visuals of herself with Levinson and The Weeknd in her following story.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Spears, Levinson, and The Weeknd have been tied together. There’s speculation that Spears and The Weeknd may have been working on his new TV series The Idol. Levinson serves as the executive producer of the upcoming show.

Last summer, it was announced that the Dawn FM singer would star in a new HBO Max series chronicling the eccentric relationship between a rising pop star and a nightclub owner-turned-cult-leader.

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Levinson is serving as both the co-creator and executive producer of the upcoming series, which HBO Senior VP and Head of Drama Francesca Orsi said is “unlike anything HBO had ever done before,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Though heavily known for his musical prowess, The Weeknd is no stranger to the big screen. The “Take My Breath” singer has voiced characters in American Dad and briefly appeared as himself in Uncut Gems.

So how does Spears fit into all of this? Well, several months after the June 2021 announcement, on November 23, Spears posted on Instagram that she worked on a project called The Idol. “It’s guaranteed to have hits and a lot of bright pics to put in my beautiful family’s faces,” she said in the caption.

Though she mentioned that it was a film (and the current HBO project is crafted as a six-episode series), some fans in the comments section of her IG post believe that she was teasing an appearance on the show. However, according to TMZ, her team denied these rumors the following day, stating that they were unsure what movie she was referring to.

Still, it’s not a far-fetched idea that Spears and The Weeknd may work together some day. While gradually releasing content for his Dawn FM era in early August 2021, The Weeknd released a playlist on his Apple Music Memento Mori show that inspired the album’s synth-pop sound. Throughout the radio broadcast, he played two of Spears’ iconic singles from In The Zone (“Everytime” and “Toxic.”)

With Spears last debuting her acting chops as herself on Glee in 2010, it’ll be interesting to see her possibly take on an acting role again. She isn’t hailed as the Princess of Pop for nothing.

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