The Weeknd is making a HBO show called 'The Idol' about a pop singer and a cult leader.

The Weeknd Is Making A Show About A Cult With The Creator Of Euphoria

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A couple years after Drake helped launch HBO’s hit series Euphoria, the rapper’s protégé The Weeknd is following in his mentor’s footsteps with a trippy new show of his own. The hitmaker is developing a juicy HBO series that combines the worlds of pop music with underground cults, which is basically already guaranteed to be a must-watch experience. Not only will The Weeknd write and produce the show, but he will also star in it, making his acting debut. Here’s what fans need to know about The Weeknd’s HBO show The Idol, because it’s about to be what everyone’s talking about.

The Idol will tell the story of a female pop singer who falls into an unexpectedly dangerous world when she learns the mysterious club owner she’s begun dating is also the leader of a secret cult. It’s not yet confirmed whether The Weeknd will be playing the cult-leader boyfriend or another character, but he is set to star in the series, along with writing and executive producing it. This will mark The Weeknd’s first major acting role, following a cameo appearance as a version of himself in 2019’s Uncut Gems. The superstar singer is co-creating the show with Sam Levinson, who is best known for creating the psychedelic teen drama Euphoria for HBO, thus deepening the shared DNA between these two series.

There’s not much info about the newly announced series just yet, but here’s what fans can expect:

The Idol Release Date

Since the new show is still in early development, it likely won’t premiere anytime soon. Fans will probably have to wait until 2022 to check out the series.

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The Idol Cast

As of the show’s announcement, The Weeknd is the only confirmed cast member... and even his role is unclear. The hitmaker will likely play the club owner/cult leader at the center of The Idol’s mysterious drama, but the bigger question is who will play the female pop star who will serve as the show’s protagonist. Given The Weeknd’s impressive connections in the music industry, an IRL pop star could potentially join The Weeknd in making an acting turn to helm the series.

The Idol Trailer

The Idol won’t release any first looks until it enters production, so fans will have to sight tight and look out for any photos or trailers either later in 2021 or sometime in 2022.