Ex 'Bachelor' Contestant Gives Opinion On Corinne


If you miss Dolphin Girl and all the other contestants who got kicked off Nick Viall's season of "The Bachelor," then don't worry, there's still hope for their return!

Nick's lovely ladies have the chance to find love (or just make out with 5 million guys) on "Bachelor in Paradise."

If you've watched the spin-off reality show before, you know it's one big, sloppy love fest between all the rejected "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants.

There are tears, there's drama and there's a lotttt of sex. Oh boy.

Contestant Ashley Iaconetti is pretty familiar with "The Bachelor" franchise, appearing once on Chris Soules' season and twice in "Paradise."

Elite Daily had the chance to speak with the 29-year-old at the iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet and talk about this season of "The Bachelor" and who she thinks will end up on "Paradise."

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When asked if she'll be rejoining the cast in the summer, Ashley made it clear she is not interested in returning for another season. She said,

OUCH. Sorry, Nick!

So, Ashley, who do you think will end up on "Paradise?" Can we expect our fan-favorites to be there? Ashley shared,

All great points, especially Corinne.


However, the 24-year-old has been rumored to have her own reality show in the works. Corinne recently told E! News,

So what does Ashley I. think of this? Is she cool with Corinne breezing past "Paradise" and diving into her own series?

Ashley explained,

Ashley also weighed in on who she thinks Nick will choose in the end. Since we know Rachel will be the next "Bachelorette" the competition is down to Raven and Vanessa.

Ashley shared,

I can agree with that. Sorry Raven, but I think Vanessa has this one in the bag.

So, how does Ashley I. think Nick Viall has done as "The Bachelor," overall? She told us,

HE BETTER HAVE A FREAKING PROPOSAL AFTER ALL OF THIS. If Nick ends up with nobody then he's officially dying alone.

Ashley I. also talked about how she can relate to contestant Raven. When Ashley I. was on Chris Soules' season, she talked about sexuality throughout the show and admitted to Chris she was a virgin.

On season 21, Raven told Nick Viall she's never had an orgasm before. When asked about how sexuality has been amplified this season, Ashley commented,

So true, Ashley, so true.

Be sure to watch the "Women Tell All" episode tonight on ABC to see the drama that goes down with Corinne and all the other women.