Emma Hernan and Micah McDonald in 'Selling Sunset' Season 5

Emma Revealed Where She Stands With Micah After Selling Sunset Season 5

The people want to know.


Season 5 of Selling Sunset added a new, and very exciting, cast member for agent and vegan food business owner Emma Hernan to get to know. When developer Micah McDonald stepped onto the season, he immediately caught Emma’s eye. They went on a couple dates during the season, one at his restaurant and another at the house they worked on together, but business often seemed to be their main focus. So, are Emma and Micah still dating after the Selling Sunset cameras stopped rolling. Or if not, are they at least still awkwardly flirting through business meetings? Emma recently told TODAY, "I don’t want to spill too much," but she did give some pretty direct hints.

Throughout the season, Emma chatted with Chrishell and other cast members in the office about her singleness and her potential interest in finding a significant other — just not Ben Affleck, of course. Micah seemed to be the perfect match: Like Emma, his persona on the show, and on Instagram, is all about his interests in real estate, the food industry, and being a young entrepreneur. But Season 5 ended with a bit of a question mark on their status, so fans got to digging.

As any millenial/Gen Zer knows, Instagram is where public relationships are tracked. Before Season 5 premiered, Micah and Emma didn’t follow each on the platform. After Season 5 premiered, Emma started following him and even commented on at least one of his real estate posts. But as of April 30, Micah still doesn’t follow Emma.


On April 22, Emma told Entertainment Tonight she and Micah “something special” together. "Obviously, it's progressed a little bit [from where season 5 ends]. We've become closer,” she said. “Maybe Season 6, there will be a label, a ring. Who knows?"

However, in an April 26 interview with TODAY, she confirmed they’re not officially together. “Right now I’m single and dating. I’m open to a relationship ... I'm open to something moving a little bit more serious,” she said, not mentioning Micah explicitly. Later though, she said, "Micah and I still talk and we have a great relationship. TBD what happens with that." Leaving viewers hanging is a great tactic to keep people excited for the upcoming Seasons 6 and 7, or at least the Season 5 reunion. I’m just saying....