Emma and Micah in 'Selling Sunset' Season 5

Here's Everything To Know About Emma's New Love Interest On Selling Sunset

He quickly caught her eye on the show.

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Although Emma apparently could have dated Ben Affleck if she wanted to, Selling Sunset Season 5 saw her cozying up next to someone very different — a hunky property developer from Texas named Micah McDonald. While working together on a huge development property, sparks flew. Their slow burn, 10-episode romance was full of cringey, pun-based flirting and dates at properties under construction. But who is Micah, really? Selling Sunset shared some info about him, but there’s more to uncover.

Emma lamented the horrible Los Angeles dating scene throughout the first couple episodes of Season 5, even saying dating in Hollywood is coming to terms with the fact that you “could be on a date with prince charming or a sociopath." She confided in Chrishell that she tried, and failed, at online dating, even rejecting Affleck on the celebrity dating app Raya. So, when Emma went to view a new property and met Micah, she swooned.

Micah took Emma on a date in the back of his new mezcaleria, where they taste tested the bar’s drinks and tried Emma’s vegan empanadas. It didn’t seem like Micah loved the empanadas, since he opted to snack on crickets instead, but he did continue to pursue Emma. In the final episode, they had a very sweet, Bachelor-esque moment in the jacuzzi of his development property, talking about how much they love their big families and value hard work.

Micah seems like he could be perfect for Emma, but as of late April 2022, there’s no indication of whether the two are dating after filming. Here’s what is known about him.

Micah McDonald’s Career

When Emma first met Micah, he mentioned that he is not only a property developer, he was also opening a restaurant and mezcaleria. When they were shooting Season 5, the restaurant was still under construction, but now his passion project, called Sagrado, is open in one of L.A.’s most hipster neighborhoods, Atwater Village. The restaurant’s website says it welcomes mezcal lovers and beginners to try its “expansive” list of drinks. It seems that Emma and Micah have continued to at least have a professional relationship, since Sagrado sells Emma’s vegan empanadas on its menu.

Micah’s other business, property development, appears to be very secretive. He doesn’t post about it on social media, save for one or two vague real estate videos, and because his last name is not publicly known at the time of Season 5’s release, it doesn’t seem his business has a strong online presence.

Micah McDonald’s Instagram

Micah doesn’t have a particularly strong presence on social media — his first Instagram post on @iam_micah was in 2020, and unlike other Selling Sunset cast members with followers in the hundreds of thousands to millions range, he has under 2,000 followers. He’s mutuals with verified users, though, most of whom are professional athletes or in the Houston real estate business. Micah’s posts mainly consist of workout videos, photos from floor seats at basketball games, and designer outfit shots. In his 2021 story highlights, he posted with Kajsa Miller, a fellow Houston real estate aficionado, while they vacationed in Jackson Hole, but it isn’t clear if they were just friends or also dating.

Oddly, Emma and Micah don’t follow each other on Instagram. Could this mean their friends-to-lovers idea didn’t turn out the way they’d hoped? Selling Sunset has been renewed for Season 6, so audiences could get an answer to this question and maybe see more of Micah as well.

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