Dylan Sprouse and Mason Gooding will star in the thriller movie 'Aftermath.'

Dylan Sprouse & Mason Gooding's New Movie Sounds Like A Thrill Ride

Here for it.

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It’s Sprouse vs. Gooding, round two, and this time will be even bloodier. Back in 2022, Mason Gooding played the romantic rival to Cole Sprouse’s character in the sci-fi romance Moonshot, and now in 2023, Gooding will face off against Sprouse’s twin brother Dylan in the upcoming action thriller Aftermath. Here’s when you can expect the adrenaline-pumping new movie.

Aftermath was announced on Jan. 31, via Deadline, as a tense action flick pitting ex-military operatives against one another. The movie will star Dylan Sprouse as a former Army ranger who will have to rely on his combat training when a group of ex-military contractors trap him and hundreds of other civilians on the Tobin Bridge in Boston. The leader of the trigger-happy contractors is played by Mason Gooding, and also trapped on the bridge is a high-profile prisoner played by Dichen Lachman. Finally, Megan Stott will also star as the little sister of Sprouse’s character, who’s also stuck on the bridge.

The movie is going full throttle with a buzzy cast and nonstop action, so here are all the details fans should know about Aftermath.

Aftermath Cast

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Sprouse and Gooding will helm Aftermath as two ex-military operatives on opposing sides of a major hostage situation. Though they are both known for starring in several modern teen dramas, this is the actors’ first time working together. Gooding previously worked with Sprouse’s twin brother Cole in HBO Max’s Moonshot.

Action vet Dichen Lachman will also star as a prisoner caught up in the drama, along with Megan Stott as the little sister of Sprouse’s character. Kevin Chapman and Will Lyman are also in the movie in unspecified roles. Sprouse also revealed on Instagram that Tanner Zagarino appears in an unspecified role.

Aftermath Predicted Trailer

The movie’s announcement also came with the update that principal photography had already wrapped in Boston, meaning fans could be seeing footage from the movie pretty soon within the coming months.

Aftermath Predicted Release Date

With principal photography wrapped, it’s safe to say Aftermath will premiere sometime in 2023, although no release date has been announced yet.