2022's Wildest TV Cliffhangers, Ranked

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by Ani Bundel
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Fans got a ton of peak TV in 2022, complete with some truly shocking finale moments. Let’s rank 2022’s wildest TV cliffhangers in order of how far they made jaws drop.


The Woman in the House: Glenn Close’s Cameo

The show with the name that’s way too long was a parody of suspense thrillers, so obvi it ended with a cliffhanger. Even so, fans were left wondering if Glenn Close was ever there at all.


Wednesday’s Mystery Text

Wednesday may have solved one mystery at the end of Season 1, but another is already afoot. Netflix’s hit gave viewers hope for Season 2 with a mysterious, threatening text Wednesday Addams got on her way home from school. Next semester needs to come soon.


House of the Dragon: Lucerys’ Murder

Lucerys’ fall from his dragon at Aemond’s hands only surprised those who didn’t already know their Targaryen history. However, by placing it in the Season 1 finale’s final moments, fans are now eager for Season 2.


Only Murders In The Building: Ben Glenroy’s Death

Only Murders fans expected Season 2 to end with another mysterious death, but having the deceased be played by Paul Rudd and having him die someplace that wasn’t the Arconia left fans in shock.


Severance: Mark’s Wife

Mark was fully convinced his wife was deceased until the finale, when viewers discovered her alive, well, and still working at Lumon.

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Stranger Things 4: Hawkins’ Fate

Fans always knew the showdown between Eleven and the Upside Down would be Stranger Things’ final battle. But the Upside Down taking over the town, perhaps wiping it from the face of the Earth, took the stakes for the show’s final season sky high.


Doctor Who’s Re-Regeneration

Regeneration is standard procedure in Doctor Who. But instead of turning into incoming 14th Doctor Ncuti Gatwa, 13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker regenerated into 10th Doctor David Tennant, leaving fans wide-eyed ahead of the 60th anniversary special.

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The Midnight Club’s Dr. Stanton Twist

Dr. Stanton’s reveal of the Paragon hourglass tattooed on her skull under her wig had fans desperate for Season 2. Sadly, the cliffhanger was compounded by the show’s cancelation at Netflix.


The White Lotus: Greg’s Loose End

Tanya being the victim of The White Lotus Season 2 was hinted at way ahead of time. The twist that her new husband Greg ordered her murder was a shocker, though — especially once viewers realized he was still alive somewhere.


Yellowjackets: Nat’s Kidnapping

Yellowjackets rode the line between PTSD fugue state and supernatural occurrences throughout Season 1. But the finale’s kidnapping of Nat, most likely by former teammate Lottie, was inarguably real, and her fate has fans on edge for Season 2.


Emily in Paris: Camille’s Pregnancy

Emily in Paris stunned fans at the end of Season 3 after Camille left her wedding to Gabriel, telling him and Emily they belonged together. But the road to romance won’t run smoothly, as he told Emily Camille is having his baby.


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