The finale of 'The Woman in the House' Season 1 seems to set up a Season 2 with a new mystery.

The Woman In The House's Finale Sets Up A Wild Sequel

Could another season be on the way?


The biggest twist in The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window isn’t the climactic reveal — it’s the surprising set-up for a second season in the final moments. Much like the murder mystery movies it spoofed, The Woman in the House felt like a self-contained story that wasn’t built for sequels. But the ending seems to suggest the show has plans to return for a whole new mystery, even though Netflix has yet to officially pick up another season. Here are all the details about The Woman in the House Season 2, including predictions for when it could release and who may make up the cast.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Woman in the House Season 1 finale. After finally discovering the identity of the murderer she’d been chasing all season, Anna appeared to get her life together at long last. In an epilogue set one year later, Anna has gotten back with Douglas and they had another baby together. But of course, weirdness just seems to find her, especially when she mixes vodka and Xanax on her flight to New York to visit Sloan. After downing one of her classic pharmaceutical cocktails, Anna met a mysterious woman played by none other than Glenn Close. Or, at least she thought she met her. After seeing her dead body in the airplane bathroom, the flight attendant informed Anna there had never been anyone sitting in the seat next to her.


But Anna has hard evidence she wasn’t imagining it all: The woman left her compact mirror behind. The scene seems to be a set-up for a second season, possibly with a different title, since Anna made a point to enunciate, “The woman in Seat 2A.”

So, are we really going to get a The Woman in Seat 2A sequel series?

The Woman In The House Season 2 Release Date Predictions

If Netflix picks up a second season of The Woman in the House, the production team will likely try to follow a similar timeline to Season 1, which began filming in March 2021 and premiered on Jan. 28, 2022. If that’s the case with Season 2, it would likely drop on Netflix either at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

The Woman In The House Season 2 Cast Predictions


Since most of the main players in Season 1 ended up dead, Season 2 is primed to introduce a new cast of characters. As the new central element of the season’s murder mystery, Glenn Close may appear in various flashbacks or hallucinations as Anna tries to solve her murder. The finale scene also introduced Community star Jim Rash as the flight attendant who tells Anna nobody was in Seat 2A. He could very likely reprise his role in Season 2.

As for returning characters, Anna would obviously be back, and her BFF Sloan would likely play a larger role in a second season, since it would probably take place in her new home of New York City. Douglas is also almost guaranteed to reappear, even if just via phone calls to Anna while she’s sleuthing.

The Woman In The House Season 2 Trailer Predictions

If a second season is picked up, it’ll still be a long wait before fans see any footage of the new mystery. The team may use the trailer to reveal the show’s new title for its second season (she’s not a woman in a house anymore, after all), as well as the likely new setting of New York City. Hopefully, Netflix will release a trailer later in 2022 if The Woman in the House gets a Season 2 pickup.