A couple in love regularly sends texts when they're proud of each other.

Let Your Partner Know You’re Proud Of Them With These Sweet Texts

They deserve to be celebrated!

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Few things feel more gratifying than when someone you love tells you they're proud of you and genuinely means it. This is especially true if that person is your partner. If your SO has been killing the game lately (maybe they got a promotion or aced a midterm they studied super hard for), they definitely deserve to be celebrated. A great way to brighten their day is to draft up some texts to send your partner to let them know you're proud, and that you really do recognize all the hard work they've put in.

If your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, they’ll love an out-of-the-blue text even more. It’ll show that you’re not only paying attention to their accomplishments, but to what they like as well. It’s so easy for you to make their day. All you need to know is how to tell someone you're proud of their accomplishments in one simple text. It’s about more than just saying “congrats” if your SO had their art displayed in a gallery, recently scored big in their sport, or surpassed their goals at work. You want to know how to tell someone you're proud of them in a truly unique and meaningful way.

These 23 “I'm so proud of you” messages do just that. After you’ve sent your message, take them out for a celebration! Backing your words up with action can cement just how much you admire them.

Texts For When Your Partner's Been On Fire

  1. Want to go out for ice cream / coffee / drinks to celebrate tonight? 😌
  2. You've really been on your A-game lately, and TBH, I'm taking notes. 📝
  3. I'm so proud of you, [insert cute nickname here]. Keep up all the good work!
  4. Just want to remind you that you're killing it! 🙌🏾
  5. You've literally got this thing in the bag.
  6. With all the winning you’re doing, people are going to come after my #1 fan title.
  7. I already thought you were the hottest, but now, you’re seriously on fire.
  8. You must be butter, because you’re on a roll. Just thought you kneaded to know.

Texts To Remind Your Partner Of How Far They've Come

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  1. Don't ever forget: You've worked hard to be here!
  2. Just wanted to let you know I'm so impressed by all that you've accomplished this year.
  3. Sometimes it just blows my mind how creative and wise you are.
  4. Remember when you were [XYZ place of life]? Look how far you've come!
  5. Hi! Just dropping in to remind you that I love you and that your gifts are much needed in this world.
  6. Someone could write a whole novel about everything you’ve accomplished, but I know it’s only chapter one.
  7. How is it that each day, I’m more and more impressed by what you can do?
  8. Looking back on everything you’ve accomplished just reminds me how lucky I am.

Texts To Remind Your Partner That You're Always Going To Be Proud Of Them

  1. Hey, [insert pet name here], just wanted to say you're my favorite person and keep doing what you do.
  2. You're a wonderful, talented human being and I'm so proud to be dating you.
  3. Someone as smart and accomplished as you? If we weren't dating, I'd totally shoot my shot.
  4. No matter what happens in the future, nothing and nobody can take away all the cool sh*t you've accomplished.
  5. You know I brag about you all the time, right?
  6. You deserve the world, and I can’t wait to watch you get it.
  7. While you reach for your dreams, I hope your other hand is holding mine.

Whether your SO is always on their grind, just had a wonderful breakthrough, or you're just endlessly impressed by them, shoot them one of these 23 texts to remind them they're really flourishing — and that they've got you by their side.

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