These 6 Ways Of Spoiling Your Partner At Home Are Too Cute

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Shanelle infante, Elite Daily

During the coronavirus pandemic, finding creative ways to spoil your partner at home can be an important aspect of relationship maintenance. With the majority of couples still stuck on the couch due to closures and restrictions, it's never a bad idea to come up with unique ways to treat your partner (and yourself!) whenever possible. After all, it's hardly a secret that current events have strained, and in some cases, even broken up relationships. So, if you and your partner are still going strong after spending months on end together, then you both definitely have more than a few reasons to celebrate each other.

Spoiling your partner doesn't have to involve any elaborate or overly stressful gestures that take a ton of planning. Putting a smile on their face can actually be much easier than you might think. Ultimately, the key to making someone feel special is simply to do something unexpected to make them feel appreciated and loved. Your expression of adoration can come in just about any form, as long as it's centered around your partner's likes and preferences. If you're in need of some inspiration, here are some solid ways to make your partner feel utterly adored.

Cook or order their favorite fancy meal.

If you know your partner is obsessed with crab legs and you haven't been able to take them to Red Lobster in a minute, it's time for a change. Just imagine the look of unbridled joy on their face when you come back from a "toilet paper run" with their favorite food.

Give them a massage.

With tension and stress running high, a nice massage is a simple way to show your partner how much you care about their wellbeing. If you want to take this idea to the next level, consider picking up some fancy massage oils, or a bougie candle to help set the mood.

Plan a sexy evening of seduction.

If your go-to sex routine is getting a little stale, or you know your partner has been wanting to experiment in the bedroom, all of this extra time is a great excuse to mix up your routine.

Surprise them with their favorite dessert.

Who doesn't love dessert? Surprising your partner with their favorite sweet treat, especially one they normally reserve for special occasions, will make their heart sing.

Take a bubble bath together.

Sometimes, just cuddling up in the tub and with a glass of vino and good conversation can feel like the ultimate treat. Again, remembering little details like grabbing their favorite bottle of wine and lighting candles can add an extra layer of romance to the experience.

Read them their favorite book by candlelight.

If your partner is a bookworm, chances are, they have more than a few favorite books and excerpts that really speak to them. Setting up a romantic atmosphere and reading to each other can be another great way to connect and make your partner feel special.

In the end, coming up with ways to take care of your partner and ensure that they feel valued during such an uncertain and unstable time says so much. And the truth is, it should also be a two-way street. Now is the time to shower those around us with as much love and support as we can.

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