4 Date Ideas If Your Love Language Is Words Of Affirmation, Because Words Are Powerful

by Korey Lane

Everyone loves a good personality test, am I right? Figuring out your Myers-Briggs or what number enneagram you are is fun, and it may ultimately help you better understand yourself and your relationships with others. So can figuring out your love language, which can be a play a big role in how you show and receive love. There are five different love languages, and you can totally have more than one, but these date ideas if your love language is words of affirmation will have you and your partner feeling all kinds of romance.

Now, to be clear, you don't have to be a words of affirmation gal to love these date ideas, but they'll definitely make you feel appreciated and loved if you are. Whether you're quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, or physical touch, going on special, thought-out dates is probably important to you, regardless of which love language it's catered toward.

But for all my fellow words of affirmation peeps out there, these dates will help you and your partner feel closer, more in love, and really understood. "Understanding love languages not only requires understanding the person and how they are different you, but that what is important to them is different from what is important to you," senior matchmaker and dating coach Lori Salkin told Bustle, "and being able to separate your wants and needs from theirs to give them what they want and trust in return that they will give you what you want while neither of you is acting for yourself, but only for the other."

So, get going on these dates, and feel all the love!

Exchange love letters.

Obviously, when your love language is words of affirmation, you'll appreciate hearing all the reasons why your partner loves and cares about you.

So, go to a coffee shop, sit at different tables, and put pen to paper. Write each other sweet, honest love letters and then exchange them. You'll feel grateful and appreciated after, and probably be in the mood to show that gratitude.

Go see a romantic movie.

If you aren't exactly the words-y type, but still want your partner to feel the love, then take them to see one of their favorite romance movies or set up an in-house movie night. It'll remind them that you care, and after the movie ends, tell them that you feel the same way about them as the characters in the film felt about each other.

Plus, everyone likes movie theater popcorn.

Go perform at an open mic night.

If you're really, really brave and want to impress your bae, then show them your words of affirmation in a super public place. Go to an open mic night and wow the audience with your spoken word poetry or acoustic song all about your love. It'll take some courage, but it'll definitely be appreciated.

Keep it simple and go to a nice dinner.

Listen, there's no need to get fancy or super out of your comfort zone, no matter what your love language is. Taking your bae on a simple date at a restaurant opens the door to sharing feelings, and reminding your partner why they mean so much to you.

Having your love language as words of affirmation simply means that you like hearing how your partner feels about you, and sometimes, you need them to say those words out loud. And even if your love language isn't words of affirmation, it can't hurt to remind your partner how you feel about them and how much you appreciate them.