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Taylor Lautner And Taylor Dome’s Relationship Timeline Is Adorable

In case you’ve ever wondered what happens when a nurse and a werewolf fall in love.

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Taylor Lautner — the actor best known for his role as Jacob Black in the Twilight films — got down on one knee on Nov. 11, 2021 to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Taylor Dome. With a backdrop of pillar candles, roses, and a red neon sign that says “Lautner” (obviously), the couple chose to spend their lives together, sharing their engagement on Instagram with captions like, “And just like that, all my wishes came true” and “I CANNOT WAIT TO SPEND FOREVER WITH YOU” (in caps, of course). But what brought the two Taylors to this romantic point? And what has Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome’s relationship timeline looked like up until now? Let’s dive in.

While she’s not as familiar with the red carpet as her fiancé, Dome — a 24-year-old nurse from California — is no stranger to social media attention, having garnered nearly 200,000 Instagram followers and landed brand partnerships with the likes of Too Faced Cosmetics and FLO vitamins. Though their romance has been relatively low-key (and seemingly free of Hollywood drama), social media is exactly where much of the pair’s relationship has played out. Lautner and Dome have documented a number of milestones (most often on Instagram) — celebrating birthdays, graduations, and family weddings together.

Here’s a look at what we’ve gleaned of their relationship timeline from Insta, starting from the very beginning.

Lautner And Dome Became Instagram Official In October 2018

Introduced by Lautner’s sister, Makena Moore, the two have been together since 2018 — sparking dating rumors that September when they attended a wedding together, per Us Weekly. Lautner officially confirmed his relationship with Dome in October, sharing photos of the two of them in matching Space Jams-themed costumes on Oct. 28, 2018, just before Halloween.

Lautner And Dome Attended A Saints’ Game In January 2019

In one of their first public appearances together, Lautner and Dome attended a New Orleans Saints’ game with friends on January 13, 2019. Both wore matching Alvin Kamara jerseys in honor of the team’s running back.

Lautner Celebrated Dome’s Nursing School Graduation In December 2019

On Dec. 2, 2019, Dome graduated from nursing school — an accomplishment Lautner applauded on Instagram the next day. “This angel just graduated Nursing School and I couldn’t be more proud,” he wrote.

A few days later, Dome posted a photo of herself hugging Lautner just after graduating. ​​”Where to even begin,” she captioned the post. “Thank you for encouraging me when I felt like quitting. Thank you for all the meals you’d make me when I was too busy studying. Thank you for quizzing me and trying to pronounce medical terms and abbreviations. Thank you for your calming hugs when I would be getting an anxiety attack. Thank you for supporting me endlessly. You mean the world to me & I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.”

And like, no, I’m not crying. There’s just something in my eye! It’s fine!

Lautner And Dome Attended His Sister’s Wedding In September 2020

In September 2020, Moore — Lautner’s younger sister (yes, the same one who introduced him to Dome!) — tied the knot, marrying her now-husband Jacob Moore at Ramble Creek Vineyard in Tennessee. Both Lautner and Dome spent the day by her side as the brother-of-the-bride and a bridesmaid.

Lautner And Dome Got A Pup Together In July 2021

Both dog lovers, Lautner and Dome welcomed the very teensy (and very cute!) Remi into their home in July 2021 — a sibling for Lautner’s own pup, Lily. While it’s unclear when, exactly, Lautner and Dome moved in together, they seemed to be sharing a place when Remi joined their lives.

Lautner And Dome Got Engaged In November 2021

And last, but certainly not least: Lautner asked Dome to marry him on Nov. 11, 2021.

Cheers to the future Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Lautner!